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Sorry to take up space here when so many are having very serious issues with updates/hardware etc., - I believe this post may have the potential to be serious.

American Express contacted me this morning to alert me to a charge on my account from Apple Computer for $1.00, thinking it may have been something on iTunes I checked my own brain memory as well as my iTunes purchase history to determine any recent activity. There was nothing directly documenting an identifiable download on the date of the attempted charge. Amex declined the charge and alerted me, which is probably why its not showing up on my iTunes account/purchase history.

Amex says it cannot verify the exact amount of the charge and they don't show cents in an alert so I still don't know if the attempt was for $1.00 or an amount much larger.

My next thought - and this is what moved me to make this post - was perhaps with all the mess created with the iTunes/iPhone updates Apple was making a minimal charge on my Amex account to verify the migration of consumers' mac and mobileme accounts. Those of you with PayPal accounts know what I am referring to, its akin to a "ping" to verify the bank or credit card account.

If this is the case I would hope Apple would have contacted us prior to using a charge as a test of the validity of their errors and difficulties in creating the updates.

Any similar experiences or insight in appreciated.

Thanks for reading and insight.


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