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With Push turned on, new iCal events added to my computer are sent to my iPod Touch; iCal events added to my iPod do not show up on my computer. With Push turned off, iCal events added to my iPod are sent to my computer but iCal events added to the computer are NOT sent to my iPod. I cannot find a setting or combination of settings that will allow the syncing of iCal events between my computer and my iPod. I have not tried Contacts, but I assume I will have the same problem.

Has anyone been able to sync iCal events between computer and iPod as was possible under earlier versions of the iPod/iPhone firmware?

G5, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Got the same problem. No solution yet though...
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    I see that you can sync your ITOUCH to your computer by turning off PUSH; however, I can't even figure out how to do that. All of my appointments are in my ITOUCH calendar because it's so easy to see and enter,but I have nothing in ICAL since I don't carry around my laptop. Is there a way to get them into ICAL at all? Even ONCE? thanks.
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    I have no problems syncing both ways - but...

    Are you giving your Mac enough time to sync to the cloud? The mac does not "push", it syncs. If you have the MobileMe sync icon in the main menu on your mac, you can open the preferences and there you can set the time interval between syncs. Your default may be set to 1 hour or 1 day. I'm not sure what the "automatically" setting means, I know that for me it can take a number of minutes. Is it 15 as a minimum?