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I have 2 iphones now set up to use the remote feature and want to remote/unpair one of them, how the **** do I do this? Windows PC running Itunes 7.x
  • MacMuse Level 7 (20,795 points)
    You can do it from the iPhone - Remote app -> Settings -> delete swipe the Library entry you want to 'unpair'.
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    I guess I should have specified that I want this done from the computer/itunes side. I know if I swipe it away on the phone it's gone, but there has got to be a way to remove this from the computer side I hope. Let's say someone gets onto your computer and pairs them up and you don't know about it, like happened to me, and how do you remove that access form the computer side. If there is not a way, this is a bug as far as I'm concerned. I should be able to see what devices are paired with my computer should I not?