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Hello, picked up iPhone 3G in hopes of replacing my Windows Mobile 6 phone (AT&T 8525), and first i did was,

a) Installed the my .pfx certificate, appears successful as the certificate showed up under Settings | General | Profile, as identity certificate (although shows up as "Unsigned", not sure why). Verified the details of the certificate and all looks correctly imported, especially the expiration date is correct.

b) Setup Safari to NOT block popup, cleared cache, history and cookies

c) Opened up Safari, and pointed to the following URL,


And i get the "The page cannot be displayed", with Error Code: 401 Unauthorized.

This same .pfx certificate is used successfully in my Windows machine, and using the same OWA URL, using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari for Windows.

And my Windows Mobile 6 (AT&T 8525 phone) also using the same .pfx certificate has no problem opening up the login page to the OWA, using the same URL.

Can someone help or verify whether accessing OWA through iPhone 3G Safari using the .pfx certificate is NOT supported at this time?

Thanks much!

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