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anybody know why would I get a blank pages in all my 3 browsers( Safari, FireF. and Opera) for certain websites that I use to access with no problems? There is a website where I have a membership and need to login.
Also quiet often if I click on some of the google results I'm being taken god knows where (mainly to Yellow Pages or some other kinda keyword related pages)

I do not have any firewall or virus protection software running. My machine is less then 4 months old. I switched Internet provider and still have the same problem. Sometimes as a fluke on the other network or whatever one of my browsers will connect to a site after I enter my login it gives me another blank page... Bizarre...

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    Sounds like you have a Trojan Horse. To check for that and remove it if it's there, you need to download and run DNSChanger Removal Tool (this is a direct download link, so it will start immediately).

    After it removes it, reboot your Mac and your web surfing should be back to normal. To avoid getting it, don't download anything that purports to be a codec (as this is claimed to be on various *********** sites) unless it's from a known, trusted source such as Apple or some other codec developer.