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iTunes 7.7 is essentially malware.

Applemobiledevicehelper.exe attempts to load the SyncUICoreLocalized.dll but fails every time. I even configured iTunes to not look for mobile devices or anything else connected to the computer, still pops up with a box that says 'SyncUICoreLocalized.dll failed to load' which is tied to the applemobiledevicehelper.exe because when you open the task manager and follow the process, it takes you to one of the 50-100 instances of applemobiledevicehelper.exe that have opened up trying to find that library.

That ultimately ends up crippling the computer if you don't MANUALLY kill them all. (simply killing iTunes doesn't kill them which is sloppy coding in itself)

Is there a fix planned for this SOON or is there a place to get refunds for all music purchased since it's essentially unplayable because of APPLE'S poor coding and insistence on having 90 helper processes for what should be a simple media player.

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