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gorse2005 Level 1 Level 1
Hi - first post here.

I used my ipod touch with no problems on Monday night to upload music. I went to connect to Itunes yesterday and it didnt connect or does the ipod touch recharge when I connect it to my Bose docking station.

I tried my girlfriends ipod and it worked fine so not an issue with the lead or with the docking station.

Can anyone recommend any action I ought to take before sending it off for repair?


Ipod Touch 8GB, Windows XP
  • rmcgeher Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same problem... Was getting message about battery being low and whether I try a wall charger, or computer no love. I have tried multiple computers, wall chargers, cables - no luck. Was working fine, recently updated to 2.0.

    Any suggestions?
  • rmcgeher Level 1 Level 1
    to be more accurate the message I get is
    "less 10% of battery remaining" with a Dismiss button
  • libertino85 Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem! I just bought the iPod Touch. I'm thinking of exchanging it to the 160 gig iPod.
  • Stycz Level 1 Level 1
    Yep, my iPod touch 2g won't charge with my JBL docking speaker or my car adapter.

    we need to get everyone to state this if they are having issues, so we can get Apple to fix this.
  • Tony Barone Level 2 Level 2
    my new iPod touch won't charge with ANY of my current accessories.

    Philips iPod dock - works fine with Nano, iPod Touch says "won't charge with connected accessory"

    iPod Nano's carge dock, same message, it connects fine, but won't charge

    iPod Nano's car charge, same story

    My guess is that Apple decided to change something minor in the new iPod touch so that it wouldn't work with current accessories, that way we'll have to buy new ones.
  • regg001 Level 1 Level 1
    Something changed in the pin assignment of the connector.

    I can charge my I-Touch on a JBL On time dock station only if i plug the I-TOUCH cable from a USB port to the JBL system. Otherwise i'm getting the ''won't charge'' error.

    So basically, when i plug the USB to JBL system, then the power comes to the right pin on the docking station, then the I-Touch can be charge.

    I think , APPLE "forgot" to include an adapter to comply with such modification. This looks to me as something intentional - to sell further hardware . Either to sell a new generation of docking stations, or to sell adapters at a big price.

    Further more (and on a side subject) , i'm seeing post about paying for a firmware upgrade on the IPOD. This is a new tendancy from all the ''mini'' electronic system vendors. They're saying we guaranteed the hardware, but not the software in it. Well bad news for Apples and all those vendors, when i buy a component, i buy a package containing hardware and software. If you needed to do upgrade(s) to the firmware to fix the original software, this is the same thing as changing the hardware to fix the failing element. So it should fit under the warrenty - even if you wrote the opposite.

    I can see the same vendor's behavior with GPS systems where the systems were sold with outdated maps, and now you have to pay big money to get the updated maps in them.

    By the way... What's that forum for ??? Is Apple reading it at all, or just a place to put our frustration. Seems to me nobody up there care for us. One other thing... Apple is currently blocking Flash media apps to work on their product - If Sun was able to get Microsoft out of the Java business, the same thing could happen to Apple if they persist that way.