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After a lengthy discussion with specialists in the IPhone tech department at Apple, it appears that Time Machine does NOT back up the encrypted files that hold much of the syncing information from your iPhone or iPod. These are the files that appear in your iTunes preferences file under the Syncing tab, which are labeled as backups. For some reason, Apple has chosen NOT to let Time Machine back them up, which has resulted in my losing all of the information stored in my iPhone "Notes" folder.

The file in question is called "MobileSync" and can be found in your hard drive under Users/your computer's name/Library/Application Support/MobileSync.

If you check your computer's current status, the MobileSync file exists and its subfolder is called "Backup." The subfolder of Backup contains the ID's of your iPhone or iPod. If you open Time Machine and go directly to the MobileSync file, it exists on today's date ONLY. The entire folder called MobileSync is missing/nonexistent in all of Time Machine's backups.

So, does anyone know how to force Time Machine to backup a file that it isn't currently backing up? Also, does anyone know if my computer has a snapshot of my lost MobileSync Backup file SOMEWHERE in its vast memory? I am desperate to recover the information from my iPhone Notes file.


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