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  • smokeonit Level 2 Level 2
    the iphone 3G GPS is made by infineon, it the pmb2525. it's full blown GPS! if the lag is great the refresh time in the software settigns is not fast enough! there should be an option so the user can change that refresh time, the same goes for the WPS refresh time! i hope apple adds that to the settings ASAP!
  • smokeonit Level 2 Level 2
    i agree, i think apple has to fix a few bugs with osX 2.0 on the iphone!

    and hopefully they the missing bluetooth stack so we can also run an external bluetooth GPS mouse, like my TomTom bluetooth GPS, on my iphone 2G, as well as iphone 3G.

    you might ask why an additional GPS with the iphone 3G. imagine your in a car an have to place your iphone near a windshield that has special coating that blocks RF frequencies also... then you need to place your iphone 3G somewhere else, which is not an option. in that case you get your bluetooth GPS and place it near one of the other windows... and with an external GPS you will always be able to place your bluetooth GPS in the best possible spot!!!!
  • smokeonit Level 2 Level 2
    chdeck my post earlier with the skyhook address to change location of one or many wifi routers

  • baw chickka waw waw Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the same problem with the first person who started the post. IT worked when I first got it, but when I got on the bus, it couldn't locate itself. Should I return it or is it just a software update?
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    My GPS locates pretty well and certainly has a faster start up time than any of my Garmin units.

    My gripes are:
    1. It doesn't have an easy way (that I can find) to tell it you want to start the route from your current location.
    2. The written instructions don't update as you pass each turn.
    3. No way to increase the size of the street names relative to the maps.
    4. No audible instructions at all.

    Compared to my Garmin it's not nearly up to snuff.

    I love the phone but it seems Apple did a "rush job" the GPS software,

    Please...if you know how to operate this thing better than I, feel free to help me understand what I'm not finding.
  • smokeonit Level 2 Level 2
    to answer your point #1: just locate yourself, then switch to "directions" mode. there the "start" window should show "current location". leave that! don't tap on it or touch it! enter the address you want to navigate to. hit "route at the bottom. finsished...
  • smokeonit Level 2 Level 2
    to answer your general question. the google maps app on the iphone is not meant to be used as a naviagtion device! we have to wait for apple/google to release a dedicated navi app. or for tomtom/garmin to release an iphone native navigation app!
  • aggiejy Level 1 Level 1
    Just to add my experience:

    I've had my iPhone 3G since launch day, and the 1st gen iPhone since it's launch day. Location services worked perfectly at my location (near Austin, TX) with my original iPhone. With the new phone however, it is the case more than 9 out of 10 times where I will get no location lock at all (GPS or triangulation). I've never gotten a lock with the new phone indoors at all (in any city or any building). When I have gotten a lock, it's been when I'm outdoors. Generally, if I ever do even get the first bigger blue circle (triangulation), it will turn into the GPS button, and will continue to work during that session. The day before yesterday I was in San Antionio... I was outdoors and as I opened maps, it zoomed right to me with full GPS in just a few seconds. Yesterday however, in the EXACT same location, it just spun the indicator for over 5 minutes... never finding my location (much less pinpointing it with GPS). I very much wish I could completely disable GPS while keeping the original triangulation location services active. To my knowledge, you can only disable all location services. I don't care about the little dot following me on the map, I just need location awareness for the apps I use.

    Site note: For 2 days straight last week, the maps application did locate me on the map outside... in "Spring, TX". That's near Houston... I live 4 hours from there. Hmmm.

    I partly think that perhaps I have bad hardware, but am hoping it's a software issue that will be resolved. I'm also in the iPhone developer program working on some applications for paying companies, and am unable to test the location features of those apps consistently which is quite annoying. (Though I do have testers that are having better luck than I.)
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    Yup, checked my time and date settings and they are all correct. I ended up restoring the iPhone again, and while it seemed to slightly improve the GPS problem, it is still very intermittant. From everything I have been reading I believe this to be a software issue, mostly because the GPS works on occassion but then will cut out randomly. I may wait until the next update, before I see if I need to return the phone. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
  • iMark34 Level 1 Level 1
    I have been having the same problem. It will locate me via GPS on a fresh restart but nothing if I leave the app and try it later. I did however try changing the setting for "Autolock" to never as suggested by another post and it worked for me. Perhaps it is coincidence and I can give more details after a few days of trials but so far so good. It's worth a try.
  • lukenlogs Level 1 Level 1
    anyone just know how to keep your location dot in the center of the screen as you drive?
  • CrashRoX Level 1 Level 1
    I'm also having GPS problems. There are times when it doesn't work at all. Other times it has me a few blocks from where I really am. The worst I have seen it was having me in the middle of the water. Hopefully this is a software based issue and not a problem with the hardware.
  • Andy Matthews Level 1 Level 1
    I found this worked to solve issues for a little while

    However I still cannot get a lock on the GPS anymore. It's flakey at best! In London, UK by the way.
  • CoachArmstrong Level 1 Level 1
    Just tap the little symbol that looks like a targeting crosshair on the bottom left side of the screen and it should center your location dot and keep it in the middle of the screen.