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If you have a 1and1.com Exchange account, here is how you can set up exchange on your iPhone;

Add Exchange Account:
email: Address you use on 1and1 (when you sign in to Outlook Web Access, http://exchange.1and1.com)
password: password
description: whatever

Click Next.

Click Accept if certificate error appears.

server: imap.exchange.1and1.com

Your username, password and description should have already been filled in from the last screen.

Click Next to Verify account.

Click Accept if certificate error appears.

Turn off any options you would not like to sync on your iPhone and then click Save.

Back out to the home screen and go to Email and then the Inbox of the new account.

Wait for the messages to download. If you get a certificate error, click Accept.

If you are having problems and nothing is syncing - sign on to Outlook Web Access, then click Options (top right on firefox/safari) and then on the right click Mobile Devices. If your iphone is listed but you're not getting any response on your actual phone, delete the device then delete the account on the iphone as well. Power off your iphone (not just put it to sleep) and turn on again, and try everything again.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4), iPhone v1 (2.0 software)
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    Thank you for posting this. Saved me a frustrating weekend!
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    Do you have the set up info for address book on the mac to sync with the 1and1 exchange server, so the address book is synced with the iphone,using exchange ?
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    After a few hours with 1and1 tech support and sales, I learned they do not support syncing of the MAC address book. They don't even have access to a single apple computer!

    My solution was to use 1and1.com for email/echange hosting ( works fine with Mac mail) and use mobilme to sync contacts and calendars.
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    _+*You *must have* iPhone firmware version 2.0 and higher to sync to Exchange Services+.*

    iPhone and 1and1 exchange work amazingly well. Most folks out there are still using the IMAP side of the 1and1 Exchange service. *"THIS IS NOT FULLY FUNCTIONING EXCHANGE"*! Here is how to really set up your phone to sync Mail, Calendars, and Contacts with 1and1 Exchange accounts.

    From your home screen:
    1: Go to the settings control panel on your iphone.

    2: Touch the "*Mail, Contacts, Calendars*" tab.

    3: Touch the "*Add Account...*" tab.

    4: Touch the "*Microsoft Exchange*" tab.

    A screen asking you to "*Enter your Exchange account information*" will appear.
    5: type your email address attached to your 1and1.com exchange account.
    ex. "example@1and1.com"

    6: type your domainusername. Your 1and1 username is one that is assigned to you by 1and1.
    the username must be typed out in this manner: exchangee123456789

    *If you already know your 1and1 Exchange Username then skip to step 7.*

    Your 1and1 username starts with an "e" and its followed by nine numbers (ex.: e123456789). If you do not know this username you have to go to your Administrator panel at the 1and1 site,(Here is the URL to the admin page.+*http://admin.1and1.com*+).At the prompt enter your customer number *which is located on your monthly 1and1 invoice* followed by your password. if you have never seen this control panel you will have to sign in and get a password to access this area.Once in the Admin area under the packages tab click the url labled "*1&1 Microsoft Exchange*". You will now be in the *Administration Tab*. Now under the *communications tool* section click the URL labeled *"Microsoft® Exchange Account Overview"*. You will now see a list of the exchange usernames in that exchange package. Find your username and either print out the page or write the number down.

    7: type your 1and1 exchange account password.

    8: type a description that best corresponds with your 1and1 exchange account. As a suggestion you should type a description that makes your account stand out. "*ex. 1and1 exchange account*" (this will be helpful later in distinguishing what calendars come from which account if you are syncing multiple calendars.)

    9: touch the "Next" button at the top right of the screen.
    iPhone will connect with the 1and1 exchange server and authenticate your account. If the authentication fails check one of your entries then try again.

    10: once iPhone authenticates your account a field called "Server" will appear between the "Email" and "Username" fields. Enter "exchange.1and1.com" into this field.

    11: touch the "Next" button at the top right of the screen.

    12: Select which part of the Exchange Services you would like sync with your iPhone.
    ie. *Mail, Contacts, or Calendars*. (Simply slide the on or off switch next to the service you either wish to sync or exclude.)

    13: once you have chosen your services touch the "Save" button at the top right of the screen.
    iPhone will once again contact the 1and1 Exchange server. You will be returned to the mail settings screen.

    You are now done!!!

    If you don't have any contacts on your iPhone just go look at your address book now. If you chose to sync your address book all of your contacts have populated themselves into your iPhone contacts tab.


    Welcome to Exchange on the iPhone!!!! Will truly love it.

    Some thing to try to verify your Exchange account.
    1: Create a Calendar or Address book entree in your iPhone. Now watch it appear on your Outlook account.
    2: Tell a friend with Outlook to invite you to a calendar event. You will receive an invitation right there on your iPhone screen.

    Have fun and enjoy your new iPhone.

    +*I would like to thank all of the folks at Apple Computer for their time and efforts in making the iPhone the coolest phone/PDA/game console/business tool in the planet!*+

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    great solution any one know how to get apple mail to work 1and1 are useless! im dieing here!
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    I've just got it working in Mail.app on 10.5.5...

    Incoming mail server: imap.exchange.1and1.co.uk
    User Name: e123456789
    Password: *******

    Outgoing mail Server (SMTP): smtp.exchange.1and1.co.uk
    Advanced > Authentication: Password
    User Name: e123456789
    Password: *******
    Use SSL: Unticked


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    Hmmm, I might have been a bit premature there - my test message disappeared from the Exchange Outbox and appeared in the Exchange Sent folder, and made the whooshing noise but hasn't arrived in the expected email account yet...

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    Funny thing is that it's working perfectly this morning... (so far)

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    I have tried this setting and I can receive but not send mail - it just doesn't seem tot want to connect to the server - anyone else have this problem?
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    Works absolutely fine on the iPhone BTW......