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How can i get my iphone to connect to my home, 2wire, wifi connection?
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    have you read the user's guide?
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    I think i tried every single solution i could find online to get my iphone 3g (and my 1st generation as well) to connect to my 2wire router (model 2701HG-B). At&t was utterly clueless. Every site was telling me to switch my password type to "WEP HEX" but i never had that option. So frustrating!

    Finally, i found this link in the archives
    I had to change a few things, but it's a great start. I got my wifi up by pure luck, but it worked for me.
    I'll copy it here for ease of explanation, with my changes added; thanks to the original poster for the information.

    1. forget the router address on your iPhone if you have it set up.

    2. go into the router at http://gateway.2wire.net

    3. click the "Home Network" button at the top (might ask for your password, mine pops up with no problem or questions) you will see everything that is connected to the router.

    4. click on "wireless settings"

    5. might want to change the name of your network but thats up to you. The defualt channel is 1 so try changing to something else. Mine is at 8

    6. leave the "wireless security network" set at WEP-Open (or set it to that if it's not your default)

    7. change the encryption key from "default" to "Custom pass phrase".
    now flip over your router and use the ten digit code set in [ ] under the first barcode at the top (there is a picture of where it's located on the router settings window)
    use that code as the custom password. you'd think that would BE the password, but apparently, it's not.

    8. go down to the bottom section to "additional settings" my setting are as follows

    Wireless mode 802.11b/g
    DTIM period 1
    Max connection rate 54mbps
    Power setting 10

    9. go the the bottom and press "Save"

    10. most sites say that unplugging the router and letting it think about what it's done wrong for a full minute, then plugging it back in and letting it fully reboot before you try the iphone again is necessary, but mine worked fine without rebooting the router. it probably wouldn't hurt to do it anyway.

    11. now go back to Settings->Wifi on the iphone and turn the wifi back on
    it should automatically offer up your network

    12. type in the 10 digit code from your router when it asks for your password.

    13. be patient for 30 seconds. A check will appear in a snap where there was once a lock symbol next to your network name, but it will take just a minute for the Wifi signal bar to show up at the top of the phone screen.

    This worked for me after nothing else did. i really don't know how i figured it out, so I can't explain it, but after hours of irritation, this finally clicked for my iPhone. i used the same process to link two other iphones (one 3g, one older model) to my network, so i think this works.

    Good luck

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    I followed your instructions to the letter... worked perfect! I didn't have to reboot my router, either.

    Blessings my friend,