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I am going to college and have bought a new Macbook. In the past, i have downloaded music from itunes and put CD's onto a computer authorized with my dad's account. He already has authroized five itunes accounts on different computers, so i have set up a new itunes account on my macbook. However, now that i have a new account, i am wondering how to transfer the music from the old computer to the new computer with a different account and whether apple will let me play the music since the computer is not authorized to the same account in which they were purchased. Any ideas on how to do this or get around this would be appreciated! Thanks!!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.4), itunes
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    Sorry, but it's not possible to transfer purchases from one iTunes Store account to another. You would have to authorize the MacBook to the iTunes Store account under which the tracks were purchased, and if there are already five computers authorized, you won't be able to authorize another one. Your dad would have to deauthorize one of the current systems before you would be able to authorize the MacBook and play those tracks.

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