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I have two iPhones. One for me and one for my wife.

Of course, we do not want to use the "identical" applications or task the phone by holding "all applications" on both. Yes - the phones take forever to boot and shutdown when there's 3 screens of applications present - even when we don't want that many. This is without going into all the applications that are hanging and/or freezing. (ESPECIALLY the original mail app)

Therefore, why can I not choose which applications I want on each individual iPhone? I can do it with my music. It's a pain in the *** everytime we sync with iTunes wanting to know whether to transfer or not - and God forbid you check to never see it again as you'll lose all control. Sure, we can d/l the apps over wifi and choose not to sync, but then how do we back that info up?

Also, I do not want everything wiped from the freakin' iPhone just because I say "don't sync" the applications! Who's the idiot that decided that meant to delete everything?! Real brilliant.

What is the deal? Is there a fix in the works for any of this? This release and it's issues are really very premature on iTunes/Apple's part. I can't believe they released this update with such major issues. Does no one at Apple R&D own two iPhones?

Apple, if you are listening, there are a boatload of issues in this update. We need fixes and fast. I have not gone into any except the one's I am personally dealing with; but for the love of God - read these boards and get an update going yesterday!

I do not like the feeling that my service (which was absolutely fine outside of AT&T part in the mix) is at the mercy of Apple updates that hamper my equipment. I cannot revert to v1 to avoid the v2 issues and again have a healthy phone. That's just plain dumb. Get crackin' and do a lot more testing before releasing new versions! You should have seen all this - it's very basic workflow for the phone.
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    Did you try making sure you uncheck "automatically sync" on the first screen of the iPhone info in iTunes? You can also do this in Preferences > Syncing and check "Disable automatic syncing for all iPhones and iPods". When I did this I was able to manually sync the apps with my wife's phone that I wanted to add to her phone and leave the rest off.

    HTH, sorry if it doesn't.
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    Maybe I'm ********... and no, I have't tried this yet; but what happens when I want to sync the rest of the phone? I would think the same issue exists. I will give it a go, but expect the same problems.
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    You will need to manually manage all aspects of the data that syncs with your phones.
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    Do you mean choose sync from the individual tabs? I tried the above with my phone, but could not tell anything happened. The only thing I was sure of was that it transferred an app I d/l'd from wifi last night to the computer. The 3 updates that I had just updated from iTunes (before attaching the phone) - iTunes didn't even say it was updating the phone... just a typical "backup" and the new transfer and it was done.

    So, how are you "actually" manually syncing apps, as well as everything else?
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    This is from memory so I apologize if it's not 100% accurate, but I think it is. You go to the Applications, Video, Music or whichever tab and check the app, video, etc that you want to sync with the phone and then click the "sync" button in the lower right.

    If you don't check something that is already on the phone it will be removed from the phone and only exist in iTunes until you decide to sync it back to the phone.

    Does that make sense?
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    Also with two iphones, vs one. I manually sync my contacts and calendar on my computer, and my wife does the same on her computer. However, we have all of our music on her itunes, and same with the photos (so we only purchase itunes music from her computer). No problems until the new software update and firmware. When I went to sync with my data, it erased all the music. when I plugged into her computer to reload the music lists I wanted, it changed the "ownership" of the iphone apps I had downloaded. Of course, then they wouldn't run because her name and password are different from mine.
    So, similar problems, and I don't know how to solve this. Worked ok before the update.
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    The best way to deal with this is to use the same iTunes account. It's all about permissions with the DRM and the simplest way to manage it is to share an iTunes account.
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    I do have them set up that way.
  • Scott Widmer Level 2 Level 2 (170 points)
    then I don't know what your question is at this point.
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    There never was a question really. It was a gripe all along. dpepper said the same thing.

    I tried MANY different things last night and ultimately, I think the application (and others) tab should works like the photo tab. Everything should be controllable.

    On the photo tab, you can choose to sync or not - BUT you can ALSO choose to KEEP photos or not. Applications should work the exact same way. All tabs should.

    It's very sporadic at this point. Nearly every tab works differently. There is no continuity. Again, why should applications be wiped just because I don't want to sync them.

    It's ridiculous that I have to manually sync each portion of my phone individually. I should be able to set up each component the way I want and let it rip on automatic. However, that is not possible in the current state.
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    You don't have to do each tab individually, you set up each tab the way you want it and then click "sync". It syncs the whole phone, not just that tab. If you uncheck something in the applications tab for the connected phone, of course it's going to wipe it from the phone, you said you don't want it on that phone by unchecking it. There are two options, have it on the phone, don't have it one the phone. Seems straight-forward to me. Am I missing something?
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    I think there may be a big difference. If you check the songs tab and synch to a computer that doesn't have the song libary, you wipe the iphone's songs -- it's a one-way synch. If you synch the apps, however, it appears (I'm still not sure after having inadvertently wiped the apps from my iphone twice now) that it is a two-way synch. Can anyone confirm that that is the case? I'm synching to a mac for music (which is where my apps were originally downloaded) and to a pc for contacts and calendars, and I cannot figure out if the apps synch box on the pc version of itunes should be checked or unchecked.
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    no matter which computer you sync to the computer will need to have the app CHECKED in order for it to remain on the phone or be copied to it. If you remove the app from the phone and leave it iTunes and is checked it'll be copied back.

  • palmerimoots Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    Thanks for the response. I will try it again tomorrow after I reload apps tonight from mac.
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