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MikeNFWTX Level 1 Level 1
Tasks do not appear to move to iPhone from my Outlook 2003. Is there an application that is available that would allow me to sync my tasks from my Outlook calendar to my iPhone?

Gateway, Windows XP
Solved by Ian Parkinson on Jul 18, 2008 1:21 PM Solved
Not at the moment.
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 Level 6
    Not at the moment.
  • MikeNFWTX Level 1 Level 1
    Ian: Thanks for answering me on this. Do you know if there is a way to get a notification from Apple if an application becomes available that would sync my Tasks to a Tasks manager or do we just have to check the Apps area periodically? Thanks again, Mike
  • Zebulondo Level 1 Level 1
    Chapura is currently developing an iPhone App specifically to sync Outlook tasks to the iPhone.  For information see:

    Especially exciting: the Application they are developing ("KeyTask") will supposedly sync wirelessly.

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  • j42 Level 1 Level 1
    Chapura KeyTasks is useless - it's a subscription service, like all other todo systems I've found for the iPhone so far. While it'd be useful to have an app that syncs to my local outlook, I cannot fathom ANYONE giving their confidential data to a service (e.g., to sync tasks, notes, or calendars) - let alone paying per-month for the privilege.

    I really hope somebody writes a local-sync app soon. The state of iPhone sync (or lack thereof) is getting ridiculous.
  • cajuniphone Level 1 Level 1
    Why the heck didn't MobileMe just include Tasks when developing the interface! They did everything else and left out one of the most important parts of Outlook. I don' t understand this. I've been searching for days for something comparable and it's just not available.

    Let's get it right Apple!
  • rja52 Level 1 Level 1
    The Todo application by Appigo syncs with outlook. You have to use another program called toodledo - explained in the Todo documentation but once it's installed it's pretty seamless. If you add a task on the iphone you have to touch the update icon and outlook gets updated. I've been using it for a few weeks with no problems.
  • cajuniphone Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks rja52 I'll try it! But I'd still rather MobileMe just sycn task notes and everything rather than only doing half the job.
  • cajuniphone Level 1 Level 1
    Okay I tried ToDo and it *****! All you can do with it is just simply make a note. You can't set a completion date and time or anything. No reminder nothing. This has really turned into monkeys playing football. Why the heck would Apple leave things like this.

    You know there's been a big debate out there for some years about Apple being better than MicroSoft. Well if you ask me it's not even close. I have never had a problem finding the best of applications to use with all MS based products.

    Apple still has a ways to go.

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  • yvegeny Level 1 Level 1
    yes, apple please try to get it right. i would think that if APPLE wants enterpises to embrace iphone as THE business application phone, then task is a fundamental component to the whole equation. I'm actually shocked at the lack of it. Hoepfully, someone from Apple is listening and they can come up with something real soon....
  • rja52 Level 1 Level 1
    Sorry it didn't give you all the functionality you needed. I agree with you - it should be something that mobile me does. You can set the completion date in ToDo but not a time or reminder.
  • jbsatc Level 1 Level 1
    There are multiple Apps with that name ... I have been trying different apps & the ToDo from (Appigo I believe) which syncs with the free Toodledo service works the best ... Catagories, priorities, due dates, etc. I have it set so that it automatically syncs to/from Outlook & it has a manual sync button on the iPhone. I am not affiliated with these companies, but this was my biggest headache & am glad to have this working now & help those with this problem. My only request is to hopefully have the phone app sync automatically when launching, which I'm sure they are already working on.

  • rja52 Level 1 Level 1
    That is the one I was referring to. But cajuniphone is right. It doesn't let you set a time or a reminder. If you look at Aggigo's web site they talk about including some of that functionality in future releases. For now it works fine for me but I'd like to see Apple include task synchronization with Outlook in their mobile me app.
  • Cactus5225 Level 1 Level 1
    iphone 3g sync issue with Outlook notes and tasks
    I believe I have come up with another alternative for both notes and tasks that will sync as well. In Outlook, you can add other calendars which I did and call one Memos and the other To Do's or whatever name you like. Then I add all day events on the 1st day of (e.g. Oct) to whichever Calendar you want; you can give it a subject line along with your favorite label and type the balance of the note/memo or task/to do in the notes section of the event. Now you will have all your items in one place under one date. Then you can select to have the event reoccur on the 1st of every month so you can see it each month until you want it deleted. The best thing is all the calendars will sync with your iphone and outlook via the itunes sync function.....Now you have all your important info in both places and works with mobileme....I admit a bit of a work around for now, but it works! At least a solution until Apple decides to improve their OS.

    BTW how about copy, cut and paste like we all could do on our Palms? We have been able to do this for years on our PDA's...I hope Apple can step up to the plate soon.

    I do love my iphone, just working around the idiosync issues has been challenging and costly in time.
  • slaterish Level 1 Level 1
    HUGE thanks Cactus - I've been trawling the web for two hours to find a solution to this problem and yours is the first creative, practical, sensible contribution I've found - simplicity is beautiful. And it took about 30 seconds to put this issue behind me. thanks again
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