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After upgrading my iPod Touch to firmware 2.0, i obviously had to updgrade to itunes 7.7, i have found that this new version of itunes in litered with bugs. It take about 5 minutes for itunes to actually recognize my iPod and everytime i sync my iPod, it creates duplicate playlist on it. Everytime i sync it this happens and i end with about 30 playlists on my iPod, each original playlit has 3 exact same copies. Has anyone lese had this problem and id there a way around it?

Windows XP Pro
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    I am having this problem too but it occurred differently with me. I got a new computer and transfered all my files from the old computer to the new one using an external hard drive. Now every time I sync my ipod I get 4-5 of each playlist. Though sometimes not all the playlists have songs on them even though they have the same name as playlists that do have songs.