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    It JUST happened to me as well. Walked home, my iphone connected to my wifi at home, synched via MobileMe, and not only did my iphone address book get nuked, but address book on macbook AND "cloud" i.e. MobileMe online. It happened instantly. I am now left with nothing. I tried resynching and other options such as deleting the MobileMe account on iPhone and creating again, but my address book got nuked on, macbook AND iphone. How the &*^$ can this happen? If anybody has any ideas, it would be great. I am hoping that the idiots at Apple have backups on their servers of people's data. My last itunes phone backup was last week, so at least I could restore. I will lose some numbers. I will however NOT use mobileme "synching" until Apple has resolved this. Totally unnaceptable. And totally catastrophic if you are on the road without access to itunes for restoring a backup! I am frankly irate.
  • Chris Harmount Level 1 (60 points)
    looks like a good fix...delete the .mac or mobile me mail account and then re enter...everything came back in a couple of minutes....
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    Go into Settings>Fetch New Data>Advanced. Under the Mac/Mobile Me account, turn off syncing contacts. Go into iTunes and under your iPhone, pick the Info tab and select Sync All Contacts. Under Advanced, tell it to replace the data on the iPhone for the next sync only. Sync.

    I have also heard that you can just turn off syncing contacts under Fetch New Data and then turn it back on it and it will correct iself, but I don't trust the Push right now and I'm happy to hardwire sync every now and then.
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    I am so terribly saddened by this whole mess...I am beyond angry. I feel totally helpless.

    So what I am assuming happened is that my iPhone contacts got nuked first, like other persons, then it synched with the "cloud", nuked the contacts at my mobileme (.mac) and since my laptop was on, it synched by itself and that addressbook got nuked as well. What a fantastic system Apple has created. I am hoping they can backup my mobileme contacts on their servers somewhere. I cannot believe I am paying for this. I cannot believe how my entire contacts list with hundreds of contacts can be lost on THREE different devices in an instant.

    So I tried to restore from a full iTunes backup from 6 days ago and I was told that it failed because the file was corrupt.

    I tried restoring from a full iTunes backup from Dec last year and it worked. So I have a phonebook that is 6 months old and it worked.

    I then tried the more recent backup from last week, to give it another shot, and it dissappeared from the list in itunes! Instead, it saved the last 2 times I attempted today and kept the one from last year. At least I only lost 6 months of data. Somebody please tell me why Apple would design a piece of crap software like iTunes that arbitrarily deletes backups from one week ago?

    I can't understand why the "MobileMe cloud" can't keep automatic backups for the cases when Apple *&^S up. Everything got nuked in a second, laptop, cloud, phone. I don't know what to do. I have an older backup from pre-2.0 SW in iTunes. I think the Apple Store is the only salvation. I may have to either downgrade the FW and try to get a backup from last year and salvage the most I can from my address book, or hope that Apple can get something from tape. It's totally unnaceptable since I am paying yearly fees for .mac.
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    Me to all my contacts were on the iphone this morning and now their stuck up in that darn cloud. Give them back please I need my contacts! If I have to guess 1 more time who is calling I'm going to go crazy!
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    Just thought I'd toss my name in the ***?!? hat.

    Not sure when my Contacts vanished, but 1st noticed (on my way home from work today, 5 p.m. MT) that my Favorties were not names but +phone numbers+.
    "Odd," I thought.
    I touch-clicked one of the Favorites and it displayed the contact's name but no other info (email, street address, etc.).

    So all of my iPhone (orig + 2.0) Contacts are gone.
    They are still on my MacBook.
    And still in my MM account.

    I guess I'll try the "delete then reset MM account setting on the phone" idea.
    Tho I am a bit weary of doing anything at this point for fear of wiping all 450+ contacts.

    I mean, wow. This has all been such an astonishing cluster of epic proportions.
    It's pretty surreal...
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    The same thing happened to me the other day. When I found that I still had all of my contacts on my computer I immediately did an export from address book to store in a safe place. I recommend this to everyone just as a precaution!

    I turned off push, synced, the turned push back on and everything came right back. It freaked me out for a minute when I saw my contacts gone.
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    Just posting my interest here too.

    Same thing happened to me around 18 hours ago, data appears to still be in place online at and on my macbook at home!.

    So frustrating, we really do seem to be the obedient guinea pigs here!!

    Apple, can you please sort this out!!
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    This is a sync issue. Many of the solutions posted above may work. The solution that may work best is to RESET YOUR SYNC DATA.

    Here's how to fix this issue:

    On your mac with the correct data you want on your phone go to System Preferences > MobileMe > Sync > Advanced > Reset Sync Data... Once here chose whether you want all data or just specific data (contacts) to be reset and chose the option to send it from your computer to the cloud. After the sync and a little bit to push that data to your phone all should be well with the world again.

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    Had the same problem, at I guess at the same time (yesterday at around 1 PM CDT), what really worked for me, and really fast, was eliminating on the iPhone the Mobile Me account (Settings, then the Mail, Contacts, Calendar Option). And then adding it again. FAST.
    BUT VERY SCARY, I initially thought that it had wiped out also my MM data and my MBP data, thank god it didnt in spite of having push activated
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    Okay it seems that I was the most unlucky sod of the bunch. So I checked my address book (groups) and found a single contact in there. It seems what happened is that I added a single contact to my iphone and when it synched over my wifi, it nuked everything but that single contact and then replicated to the "cloud" as well as my laptop which was on at the time. Hence, I lost everything on every device and the network, but the "new" contact! Very reliable system. And since I tried to synch my laptop with the "cloud" again (after reading people's experience here), I then synched the same nuked address book again and so lost the original backup data file that OSX creates for the address book. So now the backup has that single new contact as well. It seems hopeless, unless Apple is clever enough to have some type of backups on tape that they can recover for me. Frankly, from now on, I am turning off all synching, backing up via cable, and backing up the address book manually and copying manually to .mac, backup drive etc. Back to the old school days of doing things yourself since this "mobileme" is anything but reliable. The whole point of the network is to safely store your data, not sync with a blank address book and thus wipe everything out.

    It's not the firs time Apple has had a fiasco with synching either. OSX has had the same sync issues since Isync, where people were having their address books dissappear on their computers. It has happened to me. But I was always able to recover by changing the name of the backup data file to the original. This could have been what happened as well, address book failure due to that bug, wiped address book on macbook, then it synched to mobileme and iphone and nuked everything. I experienced the address book bug almost 2 years ago, so Apple has had enough time to fix this.

    Again, I need to vent because to have bugs in an address book where you lose all your data would be considered a "showstopper" in any software organization that considers itself minimally competent.

    And of course, I tried to find an email address where I can reach apple without having to wait a year on the phone and you keep going around in circles on their website and there is no email address that I can find. I simply would like to ask if they can recover my address book on their stupid "cloud" from a previous day. Sorry for the rants, but I lost hundreds of contacts, my last backup via iTunes was "corrupted" and then iTunes deleted it and replaced it with my nuked iPhone image, since it automatically backsup when you try to recover (and so it "cleverly" deleted the most recent backup but retained the one from a year ago!?) and I am literally fatigued from all this.
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    I had the problem this morning of name and notes only, no phone numbers. What worked for me going into account settings on iphone, turning off contact syncing, and then turning it right back on. Went into contacts and they appeared momentarily, then all disappeared. Syncing indicator at top of screen started spinning, and then in about 10 minutes (2000 contacts) all contacts restored complete.

    This seems to be the only way to force a restore sync of just the contacts database, wiping what is on the phone, and bringing a fresh copy from the cloud. A bother, but a solution!
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    just happened to me too. restored via deleteing then adding the .me account. does anyone else have the SpeedDial App installed? it has reset too. Connected ?
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    Ok, this happened to me last night. Still can't seem to get anything back... Ok, still no luck.
    Any ideas... tried cutting the contacts off and the push function, but nothing yet...
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    Gosh this is a mess. Second time this happened to me, spent time yesterday at the dim wit bar, they were no help -- found a fast / hack today. Go into the address book on the iphone -- open a contact, and add an email a phone number -- something. This will trigger a synch -- 1 hr later all my 5000+ contacts had phone numbers back.