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My iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo no matter how many times I try to reset it. Does anyone know of an easy way to get it to reboot correctly?
  • Demetrios Level 2 Level 2 (200 points)
    You're not the only one:

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    Mine is stuck AGAIN.

    Last time, it finally came back to life after a bunch of on-offs pressing both buttons. This time, it's been stuck for hours. It had been synching to my Mac, and the synch seemed to get stuck. Then the iPhone disappeared from iTunes... and that was the end.

    I doubt it's the 3rd party apps doing it. More likely the iPhone 2.0 software or iTunes 7.7.

    Waiting for updates. I hope I can get my phone back to life.
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    Mine is STUCK AGAIN!!!!!! JUST NOW. I'm F'n ******.

    All i did was go back to the app store on the phone after installing an app (the install completed, i played the game, deleted it, then went back to the app store). It locked up in the app store.

    NOW its stuck on the stupid Apple logo. I'm growing very tiresome of Apple's logo. Perhaps this is a new way to brand the Apple logo, but its not being associated with quality products.

    This is freaking ridiculous. I'm at the point where i now hate my iphone.

    Thanks Apple. Hope you're listening because it seems as if you are not.
  • gdgmacguy Level 6 Level 6 (19,605 points)
    DwindleFlip wrote:

    Thanks Apple. Hope you're listening because it seems as if you are not.

    Of course they're not listening, Dwindle. This isn't a feedback forum for Apple. It's a technical support forum populated by users just like yourself. You're not Apple, I'm not Apple. Nothing we can do.

    Feedback forum is here:
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    Hey everyone, I was having this problem too and I figured out what was going and why it was doing it. Basically, every time one of your Apps updates, it doesn't get replaced but gets added to the folder. So essentially, you might have 7 versions of the same App on your iPhone, thus filling up the memory and causing your iPhone to crash. You can test this out simply by deleting an App on your iPhone, turning it off and then back on and it will miraculously reappear.

    To solve the problem, go onto your computer and get into your MUSIC Folder and then get to the Mobile Applications folder as shown below.


    Now you should notice more Apps than you actually have. Basically, you want to delete all multiples KEEPING the one with the highest number, as that will be the latest version. For example, you will have (, ( 1.ipa), ( 2.ipa) etc. so in this case delete the one without a number and the one with number 1. Once there is only one version left (number 2 in this case), delete the number 2 and the space so that it looks like this (

    Once you've done this for all the apps so that you have the same amount in your folder as in your iTunes App page, you are ready to sync your phone. Now when I did it, I restored my phone as a new one so that it wouldn't transfer all the doubles from my phone back to my computer.
    BUT I think we can make it work if you plug in your iPhone and immediately cancel the sync and the back up buy hitting the little (X) in the sync bar window. Now highlight your phone in iTunes and go to the App tab and UNCHECK the sync Apps box, click APPLY and/or SYNCE, and TECHNICALLY this should delete all the Apps on your iphone. Once the sync is complete, check your phone to make sure no Apps are on it. If clear, RECHECK the add Apps box in iTunes and RESYNC your phone and it should carry over ONLY one version of each App.

    Unfortunately, every time you update an App you are going to have to delete the double versions manually with the method above. So just keep checking your Mobile Applications folder on your computer and keep it up to date by getting rid of the old ones and keeping the higher number versions, then getting rid of that number the computer added.

    My phone used to reboot and freeze every other day and I'd have to restore it, but a week has gone by and everything is working fine now.

    I hope this isn't too confusing and helps all of you dealing with this issue, and hopefully APPLE figures this glitch out and has your iPhone or computer automatically replace old Apps with the new one instead of just adding a number to it. I had 170 Apps in my folder but only 44 in iTunes, so you can see why my phone kept crashing.

    Good Luck, again I hope this helps.
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    The growing suspicion is that at least one AppStore app is not fully compatible with 2.02. So if you're experiencing this issue, you may have such an AppStore app.

    In theory, this can be fixed by identifying the offending AppStore app(s) and removing them from your iPhone. But that might be much easier said than done... Many have tried restoring/re-syncing as a fix, but the results have been mixed. So this begs the question... What exactly are you restoring/re-syncing?

    A "factory restore" should work, since it does not restore any AppStore app(s). But a "backup restore" may not work, since that backup might already contain the same offending AppStore app(s). Meaning, attempts to restore a backup could cause the issue to re-appear. Another possibility is that the computer's iTunes profile might already contain the same offending AppStore app(s). Meaning, attempts to fully re-sync to an iTunes profile could cause the issue to re-appear, too.
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    Mine is also stuck yet again.

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    you may be onto something there! Not that is may be a solution...time will tell, but you have a point. I restored and decided to be app free, so I deleted them from itunes and the recycle bin and resynced. All gone, or so I thought. I did gointo Music, etc and there they were still listed, some duplicated such as Break and Break 1. Just deleted them an emptied the recycle bin again. Once Apple comes up with a fix i will restore the apps, or atleast the better ones that i really liked. Nice concept, just too bad it's not working out. really, someone at Apple should have had their homework checked before turning it in.
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    Try a forced recovery, power off the iPhone and unplug it from the PC. Open iTunes and plug the phone into the cable while holding the Home button. iTunes should recognize it in recovery and allow you to restore it.
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    BlindSide is definitely onto something...

    It seems the AppStore's update process does not behave as one might expect. During the process, it adds the new version. But for some reason, it does not auto-delete the previous version(s) -- neither within the iTunes profile nor the iPhone itself. BlindSide's example (, 1.ipa & 2.ipa) highlights this behavior.

    It also seems the AppStore update process can involve significant filename changes. I just stumbled upon a few, which include:

    - Moonlight Mahjong Lite ("Moonlight Mahjong Lite.ipa" -> "Moonlight lite.ipa")
    - MotoChaser ("MotoRacer.ipa" -> "MotoChaser.ipa")

    Ironically, "Now Playing (formerly: BoxOffice)" currently remains as "BoxOffice.ipa"

    Perhaps the current 2.0.x software updates are not compatible with the unexpected behavior of the AppStore's update process, in general? ... or just limited to filename changes?
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    FYI, another filename change:

    - Tap Tap Revolution ("TapTap.ipa" -> "Tap Tap.ipa")
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    Rather than "quickly stopping" the sync, you can turn it of in the preferences:
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    Mine just froze again for the third time in a week. Was syncing with itunes and it restarted and just sat on the apple logo.

    This is getting beyond a joke. I'm going to the apple store this week to request a new handset to see if that helps. My list of problems includes:

    - 3 restores in past week alone.
    - Phone constantly sticks on Apple logo and requires restore. Fed up having to constantly reinstall all my music / photos etc and input all my email accounts and passwords repeatedly.
    - Frequent dropped calls.
    - Numerous "call failed" messages when trying to place calls.
    - 3g extremely slow. Definitely not "twice as fast" in fact possibly "twice as slow" as my previous iPhone.
    - Phone will not automatically switch between edge and 3g. When the phone switches to edge, I have to manually reconnect to 3g when back in a 3g coverage area.

    Extremely disappointed and frustrated with my 3g iPhone.
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