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My new 80GB iPod Classic is cutting some songs off before they end. The songs stop and the next selection begins automatically. All my music is either purchased through iTunes or ripped from my CD collection, so this is not a case of downloaded corrupted files misbehaving.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


iPod Classic 80GB, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    I definitely have the same problem....I think I am going to take it back.
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    It is somewhat the device, but re-rip the Whole album of the affected Songs. i had the issue 4 months ago. it was a codec compatibility problem. it happened on my Now 7 Album. it would play most of the songs Perfectly but some would play for 7 Sec and skip to the next song.

    after i re ripped the Now 7 CD the skipping stopped. but the funny thing about it was the same MP3s that were skipping on my 3rd gen Nano, was not skipping on my 1st Gen Nano. therefor the new ipod software is severely flawed and is in desperate need of a Rewrite.

    Hope this info helps!

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    hi i think i found a solution. I was having the same problem as you guys; 10 seconds in a song and it would skip to the next one but would play fine on the computer, well all you have to do is select the song(s) Right click and select "convert selection to AAC". After they finish converting, drag the newly converted songs to your ipod, (delete the older ones) and that should do it.

    my guess, seems like theirs a problem with the original song encoding.
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    I think the problem could be the type of music you are playing.

    There is a new firmware upgrade that automatically crashes any iPods that play "Now That's What I Call Music" albums.

    Stick on some Led Zep and turn it up to 11 - problem solved.
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    The iPod Classic seems to fail to play all of the occasional track that iTunes, and indeed earlier iPod's, are happy to play. There is probably some minor technical error in the internal structure of the file which is normally ignored by other playback software but causes the Classic to bail out.

    Some users have suggested that completely removing all id3 tags and then replacing the information is often a solution. This can be achieved in iTunes by selecting an affected track, right/option clicking and using the option Convert id3 tags > None. Since some files may mistakenly have more than one tag you may need to repeat this action. Once you have confirmed that no tag is present you can replace the tag information using Convert id3 tags > V2.3 (I believe it is recommended to avoid using V2.4).

    Personally I've have found files for which this solution doesn't work. In this case the workaround is either to re-rip the tracks or get iTunes to re-encode the file, e.g. convert AAC to MP3 or vice versa and sync the newly encoded file to the iPod instead. Because transcoding will cause a loss of fidelity you should keep your original file so that if a future iPod firmware resolves this issue you can put your original file back onto the iPod.

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    I'm having a similar-sounding problem with my new iPod. I transferred some tracks (ripped from CDs or downloaded from iTunes) which went on OK, but I've found some of them won't play at all. I just did a random sample of 20 and 7 wouldn't play. The title comes up but the iPod skips to the next one without playing anything.

    I've reset it several times and last night restored the factory settings before transferring c300 tracks (not all at once), including some that wouldn't play before. Some of the previously offending tracks will now play, but others won't...

    Should I send it back to Amazon? Advice appreciated.
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    This is very frustrating; just started happening with my iPod Classic 80 GB after iTunes updated a few days ago. Reset, etc., doesn't seem to matter, and I can't find a pattern so far---seems almost random. It seems to happen more the longer the iPod is played, though. I've noticed songs not only cut off at the beginning or the end, but also on some tracks it just sits at 0:00 and must be paused then played before it begins. It'll cut off after a few seconds on those, anyway.

    I see no real, Apple-based solutions so far, so here's hoping at least that they're working on it, because expecting folks to go back and identify songs and then switch their mode is absurd for a large library.
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    I agree. My 80 GB ipod has over 40 gb of songs on it and it seems like more and more songs are cutting off. I don't have the time/patience to write down each song that cuts off. This is extremely frustrating. This is my third ipod - and it's looking like "three strikes" for Apple.

    If anyone has another solution to this - for large libraries, please let me know.
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    I give anything that I'm not happy with, e.g. skips, missing art, poor gapless transition, incorrect tag info. etc. a rating of one star and correct in iTunes later. Not an instant fix, but easier than taking notes.

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    That is hardly a solution though is it. Where are Apple when we need them? Do they even acknowledge that this is a problem?
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    Agree with parent. This is a huge problem, and for those of us with huge libraries, re-ripping or re-encoding is not an option (especially as half of my CD library is in boxes back home). Come on Apple - a fix please.