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Though the device is recognizing my home's wireless network, it cannot seem to obtain a DNS code from the DHCP server and oftentimes fails to even obtain an IP address. It is displaying that it is receiving a full-strength signal from the router, yet it fails to connect every time. My router is a Linksys WRT54G, and I found someone with a similar problem but a Belkin router; however, their solution of manually entering the DNS code has yet to work for me.


iPod Touch 8gb v2.0, Windows XP Pro
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    For just a touch more clarification:

    A road trip on the NYS thruway dropped me off at several rest stops the other day, all of which having free wifi service. The iPod was able to connect to them easily and obtain full access to the internet, so I believe my problem lies within my router.
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    bump for help, this issue is really starting to annoy me
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    See one thing i will tell u... No need to break your head so much for the internet not working. If ur network is open network ( No Password ) Just try reset Network settings on the ipod touch, u have to go to settings>general>reset>reset network settings.
    Try this and connect it u should get a check mark next to the network name, if u get that, nest to that, to the right side of the name there will be triangle in a blue circle pointing towards the right. u will get the network settings pulled from the wireless router. If the ip address is showing 192.**.**.* that means if it starts from the number 192 or some other numbers and all the 4 details must be detected there, like, DNS , Sub Net Mask, Router No and IP

    if not the ip is showing 169.*.**.* that means u have to turn off the router once and wait for 5 mins and try connecting, if not restore the ipod to factory settings. if not contact apple and get a service dont.
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    Any other suggestions? none of those things worked and I don't want to waste my tech support call...
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    you seem to know your sh$@. so i'll ask you to elaborate if you have a sec. my IP address does not start 192 or 165 as you suggest. it starts i also have a subnet mask and router number and DNS number. it's all coming up automatically. my iPod Touch is not able to get the internect connections that our computers get perfectly well. if i go to the room where the router is, it works like a charm. but not anywhere else in my very small house. can you suggest something?
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    Don't feel like the Lone Ranger — I have exactly the same problem after things working perfectly initially a year ago. The problem also shows up if my son visits and attempts to use his new Mac laptop — eventually it works but discombobulates the home network initially (requiring a reset). IMHO, this is related to a software upgrade along the way, since things were once fine.
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    Funny thing is, I used to lose my home network connection ALL THE TIME on my first gen touch. Recently, I did two things and haven't seen the issue since:

    - Got a new modem/router (Motorola wireless cable modem/router)
    - Upgraded to latest firmware

    Whichever one did the trick, I'm grateful. It's been working like a charm ever since--it's only been a month, but the problem used to occur at least once a week. I previously had a 2wire modem/router with DSL. Now I'm on Comcast cable internet. Hope this helps
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    I'm also using a 2Wire 2701 HG.

    When the Router was using the foot that came with it, which holds the router vertical, I had a hard time connecting anywhere in the house except for the room the router was located. When I laid the router flat, (horizontal) I can now connect and get good signal strength anywhere in the house.