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jacques musy Level 2 (425 points)
I have a Skypeout account which allows me to place telephone calls to land and cell phones around the world with credit I pre-buy from them.
I have tried all sorts of settings to record the voice conversation (not a video call) to no avail !
I am using "Audio Hijak Pro" and a Logitech head-set.
Where am I going wrong ?
it records either me the caller - either the person I call - I can't work out how to record both voices together.

since I couldn't find any answer by searching Skype site and other Forums - any help would be greatly appreciated

700Mhz eMac - Panther / MacBook white Tiger, Mac OS X (10.4.1)
  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,089 points)

    I haven't used this. Note that apparently it doesn't work with Logitech headsets.

    Otherwise try Google.
  • jacques musy Level 2 (425 points)
    Thank you Roger
    I am going to investigate
  • jsd2 Level 5 (6,200 points)
    What version of Audio Hijack Pro are you using? There is a section on Skype in the AHP manual (in the Help menu), which in my version (2.8.2) includes the following, under A. Advanced Topics>Chat-


    Recording Voice Chat
    With the introduction of version 2.7 and the new (largely invisible) MegaMix mode, recording audio from voice chat applications such as Skype and iChat is now much, much simpler. As of version 2.7, the following is all that's needed to hijack from Skype, iChat, and Gizmo Project. We'll use Skype in our example.

    1) Create a session and set Skype as the audio source, in the Input tab.

    2) Click Record, and have your conversation in Skype.

    That's it! Now all audio from Skype will be recorded by Audio Hijack Pro, just as it should be. Audio Hijack Pro automatically uses MegaMix mode for all new sessions where the source is Skype, iChat, and Gizmo Project. it can also be activated manually for other applications in the Advanced Hijacking options, by clicking the Advanced... button.

    Note #1: If you wish to separate your audio onto one channel and the other party's audio on the other channel, turn on this option in the Advanced Hijacking options, by clicking the Advanced... button.

    Note #2: When using MegaMix mode, audio effects will not be audible in local playback. They will still be applied to the recorded audio stream.

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    Ah - I see this does not mention telephone calls, so maybe a different setup. There is further material in the manual about the "MegaMix mode." I haven't used anything like this myself.
  • jacques musy Level 2 (425 points)
    Many thanks Jds2 I am going to test this weekend when I get a bit of time off busy life