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I have music on my ipod touch that i dont have on mt itunes. how do i move the music to itunes without erasing all the music off my itunes or ipod touch

PC, Windows XP
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    hi, this i just registered so i dont know if there are older posts that has answered this question already, but i want to be helpful so let me try.

    if the music on your ipod touch was bought from iTunes then you can easily transfer that to your iTunes. just right click on your ipod touch icon in iTunes and select transfer purchases (or something like that) and it automatically copies your purchased songs from your touch to itunes. (if you are using a different computer from the one you purchased the songs from, you might want to authorize that computer first)

    if you didn't purchase the songs from itunes (ripped mp3's that you synced to the ipod), then i still don't know how to transfer that to itunes. i have been searching for a way or a third party software to do that myself.