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I have a bunch of .wav files that I wanted to import to itunes, so that I could convert/burn them to cd's. I don't have any problem playing the files in Quicktime. But when I import them, although it appears to work fine, if I try to play it, it won't play, it skips to the next song. When I try to convert to mp3, it gives me the message:

Error occurred while converting the file "xxx".
The disk could not be read from or written to.

The files are just on my desktop, not on a CD. I don't have a problem converting other files. What could be causing this?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    iTunes doesn't support all the different types of WAV files. I would suggest using Audacity to re-encode the WAVs to WAV using the following settings:

    16-bit fixed point
    44.1 kHz

    Try adding the new output files to your iTunes library, playing them, and converting them with your favorite iTunes encoder.
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    I believe this was the case, but I ended up using some other software to burn my cd's after all since I didn't want to have to convert everything. Garage Band would not open them either, it said it could not open a 4 bit format, so likely this was also the case with itunes.
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    Let me add another example that makes it even murkier, perhaps. I was able to use iTunes to convert wav files to Mp3's up until about this week. Now, even the wav files I previously could convert, I cannot reconvert! I get that same error message, and again, I cannot play the wav files I have re-imported. The only thing that I think has changed, seems like one of those semiautomatic iTunes updates took place, to version 7.1.1 or some such. Could that be the problem? If so, anything I can do about it?
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    Though the claim at the top of this message is that "this question is answered," I see no substantive answer. I have HUNDREDS of WAV files (lectures and sermons) that were recorded with one of those little digital pocket recorders. Details of the files are (from iTunes):
    Bit rate: 44 kbps
    Sample rate: 11.025 kHz
    Channels: Mono
    Sample size: 4 bit
    Compression: DVI IMA
    In mid-June, after updates, these stopped working in both iTunes and on my iPods. They play just fine in QuickTime. To be clear, THESE WORKED JUST FINE BEFORE AN ITUNES UPDATE IN JUNE.
    Can you please clarify what broke or was removed to cripple these files?
    And please don't say to convert them to some other format. I can do that, but other WAV encoding, MPEG, AAC ... they all increase the file size by 8x to 15x, which is prohibitive given the number of files. Thank you.
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    I just want to state that I'm having the exact same problem as TheRevGeek. My digital pocket recordings played just fine until some update ruined things over the summer. I sure hope this is going to get fixed soon. I also DO NOT want to have to reconvert these to some other format.

    My file details are almost the same:
    Bit rate: 88 kbps
    Sample rate: 22.050 kHz
    Channels: Mono
    Sample size: 4 bit
    Compression: DVI IMA
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    Same here!!! I just downloaded the new version of itunes this week and now my wav files are not being recognized!
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    This question has not been answered. iTunes 8 and 8.01 have lost a critical capability compared to iTunes 7. This is especially important to users with digital voice recorders (Olympus e.g.) who want to maintain a library of voice notes for playback on their iPods.

    I'm amazed that this problem was not addressed in 8.01. WAKEUP Apple!
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    Same complaint here. I use an 80gb iPod Classic with an Alesis iMultimix USB8 live mixer to record performances at our local open mic. Starting in April, the WAV files from the iPod would automatically stream into iTunes when I connected the iPod, and it was a snap to select a whole evening's worth and convert the lot to MP3 to save archiving space (by a ton). Starting in September, I seem to have some kind of random corruption of these files.

    Some hang up the program immediately upon being selected and the "convert to mp3" chosen from the Advanced menu. Others start to convert and then hang up, usually with 10-15 seconds left to convert. Others convert just as before without problems. I have had to force-quit iTunes a number of times to unlock the system. This is getting really old, and what was a semi-automated process has become one of picking through the files one by one, force-quitting when it hangs, then deleting the culprit when I re-open iTunes. I'm losing some irreplaceable recordings, which pretty much negates the whole purpose of capturing everything every week.

    I don't recall when I made the last prompted update of iTunes, but it very likely could have been just before this started happening.

    Another glitch in this recording method that's a bit off topic: there really should be a two-step procedure to delete a voice memo. More than once I have deleted an abortive performance, then recorded the next one. When I pause it and the menu comes up, it's easy not to notice that the selected option is still "delete". I make about 20 of these recordings every week, and it's my habit to select "stop and save" quickly so as to get the next one started. If we got a second screen asking if we're sure we want to delete, it would be easy to catch.

    The voice memo feature is great, especially with a mixer than can use the iPod as a hard drive to capture live performances, but the software needs work!
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    Oh, yes, one thing I forgot to mention. These bad WAV files also make it impossible for iTunes to complete the syncing of the iPod. When it gets to a bad one, it just loops the hard drive on which I keep the iTunes song library. This has frozen the system so badly that I have had to pull the power cord more than once. I thought OSX had an unfreezable kernel?

    So now I can't really synch the iPod unless I move all the voice memos out of the library?
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    I'm trying to upload a voice memo I made this past weekend (11/9/8) on my iPod to iTunes and it's not working. It worked fine at 2:57 pm CT that day when I DLd some wav files, but the one I really WANT from my recordings is not recognized.

    HELP! I've got people ASKING me for this file, but I can't import it. Any ideas?
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    My search is over I found a thread that posted a program that converts wav files. It's free and works with a Mac or PC. The program's called Switch.. Really easy to use! If you have a Mac convert the wav. into a mpeg format then you could drag it to your itunes/ipod. If you have a PC you could set it up to convert to an aac or mpeg format. Good luck!!
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    Oops... Sorry guys I forgot to insert the link: http://www.nch.com.au/switch/ -Cheers!