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I just purchased an iPod touch and tried to sync it with outlook 2007 for PC. Something messed up and I need to delete all the contacts from the iPod and start over (there are like 500 of them, most of them repeated three times, so I can't do it individually). I called support and they said if I purchased and loaded version 2.0 it would overwrite them, but they are still there. How do I delete them all?

Question 2. How is a user supposed to find this type of information? It's not in the online user guide. Where else should I look?

PC, Windows Vista
  • miless Level 1 (20 points)
    in iTunes, uncheck the sync to outlook box. then sync your ipod.
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    I tried unchecking the "sync contacts with outlook" box, but that didn't change anything. The contacts are still all on the iPod. Any other suggestions?
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    Same problem here, any updates??
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    I did the following trick and it's work:
    1-Open Address Book, create new group, don't add any contact to it, and called it Empty Group.
    2-From iTunes in iPod section click info and check Sync Address Book contacts.
    3-Select Selected groups, and check Empty Group.
    4-In Advance check Replace information on this iPod for Contacts.
    5-Save and Sync iPod.

    Now if you check your iPod and click Contacts, you will find All Contacts and Empty Groups, and both will be empty, hooray that's what am trying to reach
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    I'm giving my Sister my 1st Gen Touch and needed to clear out the videos, my photos, music and contacts. Your steps here work perfectly!!!!! Cleaned out the contacts quick & easy.

    Much Thanks.
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    You say, "2-From iTunes in iPod section click info and check Sync Address Book contacts" Uh, maybe I'm blind, but I have the latest version of iTunes and I can't find any "iPod section."

    Can someone clarify what/where this is?

    Thank you very much.

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    Your iPod has to be plugged in for this section to appear. Your iPod will show up in the left hand column. Click on the iPod and the information should show up in the main iTunes window. Then click the appropriate tab for contact syncing.