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Corey Miano Level 1 (45 points)
how do you save the photos you captured from your iPod touch using the Snapshot feature (Home + sleep buton)? Those pictures in the Saved Photos in the Photo album. Thanks!

iPod Touch 8GB, iPod mini 4GB, Windows XP Pro
  • mollib Level 2 (460 points)
    When you plug your iPod into your computer, the Saved Photos folder will mount as a drive. On a PC, it will map a drive letter. On a Mac, I guess it puts the icon on your desktop? Sorry, my familiarity with Macs is low.

    But once that folder/drive is mounted, you can just open it up. The photos will be a couple of folder levels down. Two, maybe - you'll have a folder for photos that you have saved from emails, etc, and another folder for screen captures. Then you can drag/drop them to wherever you'd like to save them.
  • neuroanatomist Level 7 (31,690 points)
    In the previous post, mollib is mostly correct. When you first connect the IPT with screenshots on it, you'll get the Found New Device pop-up, and you can choose the Scanner & Camera Wizard to download the photos (you can also select other applications, e.g. Photoshop). You can also click on My Computer and look for the Apple iPod (it doesn't map as a drive letter). Either way, you can copy the pics to your desktop.

    Screenshots are saved as .png files.

    FYI (for the benefit of Mac users, since you list a PC in your profile), when an IPT with saved photos is connected to the Mac, iPhoto launches and the pics can be uploaded/deleted there.

    Hope this helps...
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    Thank you for this information guys, but I'd like to add that some users (including me) get a blue screen of death once i plug in my iPod Touch (with the screenshots and saved images from Safari and Mail).

    If this happens, Apple advices that you update your camera/scanner drivers to the latest version as this is what's causing it.


    Right now, I'm downloading the updated driver for my Webcam. I hope this works though.
  • mollib Level 2 (460 points)
    Sorry I didn't have all of the details quite right! Turns out it acts differently in Vista than it does in XP, and Vista is what I use at home. When I just plugged it into my XP machine here at work, it did as you said - no drive letter, no option to open just the folder by itself (in the window that comes up when you plug it in), and it doesn't separate the two "sets" of files into two folders. Guess I'm not surprised that Vista and XP do it differently, but I actually like the way Vista does it better. For once
  • Corey Miano Level 1 (45 points)
    Yeah, I saw that in Vista. But I'm in XP at home. Do I need Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition or something? I can't see my iPod Touch as a drive in My Computer. I'm in SP3.
  • Corey Miano Level 1 (45 points)
    Oh well. if i force-kill iTunes, Windows detects my iPod as a camera. There, it allows me to import those pictures. But only if I force kill itunes via the task manager.