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all summer, my ipod has been giving me the same problem. one day, i synced and i accidentally pulled out the itunes from the usb port, and now it's giving me all sorts of issues.

at first, it said "ipod can not be read into," so i restored it, etc, and every time i synced, itunes stopped working.

i tried doing something i read in a discussion board (it had to do with notepad and a windows batch file) and at first it seemed like it was working, but then... as i restored it (for literally the 15th time) itunes said it encountered an error, 1434 or something, and ipod could not be synced.
i tried it again, and it started syncing but after waiting for a long time, and only syncing about 10 songs in 10 minutes, itunes popped up a message that said , *unknown error -53.*


Windows Vista, laptop