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I went to a AT&T store and ordered an iPhone last Thursday and I was wondering if you guys would know where I would be able to find where to track it. The guy at the store said it would be somewhere at apple.com.

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    No, they (AT&T) will send you an email with the order number and a link to check the order on line. It took about 5 days before I received my email. You will get a second email when the phone ships. Then when you use the link from the first email it will give you the tracking number. Mine shipped FedX and arrived at the store when they said it would.

    Then I got an email saying it was at the store and they would hold it for 7 days.

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    Can't imagine why it would be on Apple.com. Call him back and ask him where.
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    Really? That stinks because I am going out of town tomorrow and will be gone for 4 days. Oh, yeah, also, I tried to call the store today to ask some questions also, and they didn't answer. Even after the 5th call. So I just stopped trying.
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    Call AT&T customer support 1-800-331-0500. They may be able to help. They really helped me with a problem on my contract.

    Did the AT&T store ask for your e-mail address?

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    Yeah, they did, and they sent me 2 emails which are...here:
    "Thank you for shopping with AT&T. Your iPhone has been reserved. An email will be sent when your iPhone order is shipped.

    iPhone Order Details:

    Order Number: 220226

    Shipping Zip Code: ***

    Item Name



    Quantity Ordered

    Apple iPhone 8 GB 3G BLK Phone






    Check the status of your order at any time at our website by clicking here or by calling our automated system at 877-782-8870. Please see order details above.

    Your credit card will not be charged until the order is shipped.

    Thank you again for choosing AT&T.


    and one is for the other iphone I ordered. they are the same.

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    So use the automated phone system while you are gone.
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    Looks correct. The word "here" should be a "link" to the AT&T order site. Copy the order number using copy and paste. Click on the link, in the 1st prompt say use order number, paste the order number into the next prompt, put the zip code of the AT&T store in the next box. That is where they are shipping it to.

    Keep in mind the backorder amounts go back and forth thrugh out the day. You can't be sure of anything until you see a tracking number show up.

    Good luck, also my phone came in last Friday and I was not able to pick it up until today. I called the store the other day and they said don't worry your phone is set aside with your name on it. It was ordered for you, we will not sell to anyone else.

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    I haven't heard of any apple sites tracking iphone orders at AT&T. AT&T has some tools to track orders on this page: https://www.wireless.att.com/order_status/

    I've worked up my own solution to provide simple tracking system with RSS support, you can read about it here: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=5892654#post5892633

    Best of luck!