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Well, a long story short... The captured video I have for some reason is recorded at a very low volume level. When I have my speakers turned all the way up, the volume sounds almost normal. Adjusting the volume to 200% in iMovie definitely isn't enough.

I used my Canon HF100 AVDHD camcorder. Is there any way to get the footage's volume adjusted to like 800% or 1000%?


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    Long story short: no. You cannot increase your volume to 800% or 1000%.

    Increasing the volume to 200% is also not the way to go. You cause clipping and distortion when playing back outside iMovie.

    The best solution is to utilize a better microphone than a consumer built-in mic. Those have a very limited range and you have to be very close to the subject in order to get a decent audio level.
    The further away you are from your subject, the more faded the audio will be.

    One of the Tutorials on line explains that in order to "improve" audio level of either a voiceover track or audio in a video clip you can apply ""Normalize Clip Volume".

    1. Select audio track or video clip
    2.Open Audio Adjustment Panel
    3. Apply "Normalize Clip Volume"
    4. Playback.

    For more information please type in the iMovie Help Menu:

    A. "Setting clip volumes to the same level"

    B. "Adjusting the volume in a video or audio clip"

    Tutorials on line:

    "Working with Audio":