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I just installed the 2.0 update to the iPhone software of my first generation iPhone. iTunes then did a restore and started syncing. That was hours ago and it still says that it is syncing contacts. I don't have that many contacts. I know I'm not supposed to disconnect the phone during the sync, so does anybody know what I should do here? Thanks.

First gen iPhone
8gigs (900megs free)
o/s 2.0
iTunes 7.7

PowerMac G5/2x2, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Update: I left the iPhone syncing all night long. I woke up and iTunes still said "syncing contacts." That is the same as I left it before I went to bed. The iPhone still said "sync in progress." So, I unlocked the phone by moving the slider and I saw that I now had the 2.0 o/s. That also seemed to stop the sync. So, I clicked the sync button in iTunes to sync over the new apps I downloaded. I got the same screen for hours. I stopped the sync again by unlocking the phone. I see that I still don't have the apps installed on the iPhone, so the sync apparently didn't complete. Just to be sure, I powered down the phone, checked to see that I still don't have the apps installed, and started another sync. It has been several minutes now and it is again stuck on that "syncing contacts" message. Any ideas?
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    I left it syncing again last night and iTunes still says "syncing contacts" this morning. This time I made sure that I disabled sleep in energy saver, in case that makes a difference.
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    OK, I don't know if this means anything, but I received an SMS text message while the phone was still syncing. It has been around 24 hours now since I started this latest sync and iTunes still says "syncing contacts" and the iPhone says "sync in progress" but the screen also shows the text that came in during the sync. I didn't think that the phone worked while it was syncing. Is this strange? Maybe the sync never started? I don't think it has been finishing because the new application programs from the iTunes store haven't show up on the phone.
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    OK, I left the last sync going almost 36 hours before I finally had to give up and actually use the phone. So, I decided to go to apple.com/downloads and download the full iTunes installer (the last one was from Software Update), and reinstall. I don't know how to tell if I am using the new one or the old install, but I am still stuck on that "syncing contacts" stage. I'll try rebooting my Mac, but I don't know what else to try. Maybe I can reinstall the iPhone firmware, but the phone seems to work.
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    I reinstalled my iPhone firmware and I rebooted my Mac and did some other stuff. I'm not sure what fixed my problem, but while shutting down I noticed a dialog from sync warning me about changing some contacts. I had to accept the changes to dismiss the warning and allow the .mac sync to finish. That is probably what had been causing me endless headaches and hair-pulling. Apple really should make the warning more prominent so we can avoid these problems.