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I have read a number of posts regarding this and have tried to learn from them but its not working. Working on a macpro 1yr old, dual quad core. edititng in FCP, shot in HDV, compressed to 16:9 SD.

Track 1 is a 95 minute movie. Compressed using compressor in one shot. Track 2 is a 3 minute trailer. track 3 is 5 minutes of deleted scenes.

Added 24 chapters to track 1 designating CH17, 55min, as break point. This should allow for layer 0 to be bigger. It is at a fade to black with little audio so that it is not noticeable while watching. This is a dvd project that I built with our previous version of movie that was compressed in two tracks and assembled on dvd timeline. I was able to burn that project but have compressed the most recent in one shot that took over a day and I would rather not have to recompress.

Getting a message that the dual layer break point has allready been designated and can't be changed. I changed it in the inspector window as well as double checking it in the build format window. Tried to "Build/format", "format", and just burn.

please, any help. I tried to read the posts but am still stumped

mac pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    First of all you got less then 2 hours of material you shouldn't need a dual layer but to each there own. I have had no problem just letting DVDSP set the breakpoint. Try that.

    o| TonyTony |o
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    the project is complex and is over 6gbs. compressed with 120 min 16:9 option for SD and aiff audio. The auto marker fails because of the same problem. I tried to revert to a project that I did burn, didn't change anything and now it's telling me that layer 0 is bigger now. then when I change break point it tells me a break point has been chosen and can't be changed. Is this a problem with my preferences in DVDSP? Should I clear the preferences on the hard drive, outside of dvdsp? I have had to clear the preferences for fcp before and that helped with an unknown error. How do I do that?

    Thanks for any help
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    At this point I am willing to pay for someone to come to my office and help me. How do I find a local expert?
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    You might not need a dual layer disc if you convert the audio from aiff to ac3 (Dolby professional) in Compressor. That will probably give you fewer burning problems as well.

    But you can reset your dual layer track point in your Disc Inspector under the Disc/Volume tab.

    You can try craigslist.org for a local smartie.
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    I have another project with hours of video, probably 4hr. I tried resetting the break point to another spot and it wouldn't do it claiming that a break point has ben set and connot be changed.
  • majohnson74 Level 1 Level 1
    I find it hard to believe that my problem is unique and that no one can help. Any experienced users out there feel like helping, would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    Give me a buzz eric at poweragemedia dot com
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    There may be a limited number of places to put a break point depending on the amount of material.

    Anyway you need to build the disc without formating. Then format the build - it is at that point in the Dialog you will see Black/Gray. The following movie shows where (note there is no break point shown in the movie, it jut s to point out where to look) Proper break points will be black the others which cannot be set as a breakk point will be grey


    This thread also can help