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Christina Sampaio-Forman Level 1 Level 1
Does the new iPhone address the voicemail notification issue many have raised? I need my iPhone to continue to alert me that there's a message until I pick it up. I hate picking up my phone and finding a message has been there for hours...

Anyone know a fix for this?

  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 Level 6
    No, you still only get the one notification, you have to check the screen to see if you have messages.
  • Feejer Level 1 Level 1
    This has been the most absurd thing about the phone since day one. It drives me crazy, it never fails the second I'm not by my phone it rings and I get a missed call or a voicemail. The message leaves the screen after a few minutes, then your screen is blank.

    They need to offer a setting to have it warn you until you hit the slide button or something to that effect
  • cnjrving Level 1 Level 1
    I am new to the iphone, just got a 3G. I was astonished to find that I didn't get repeated alerts for missed calls/waiting voicemail! Of course, I found out the hard way by missing an important voicemail for hours. I have had Verizon using various Motorola phones forever. They have always had sound/vibrate alerts to let me know I missed a call or a voicemail was waiting. I assumed that this was a feature of all cell phones. Huh, now that I've searched on Apple's and AT&T's forum I've learned that not all phones have this continuing alert feature.

    I have no idea how folks can stand to have a phone without this ability! I've seen others say it is no big deal, but I think it its. Now I have to change my behavior to constantly check my phone if I have been away from it for a minute, or have been in a noisy environment so I couldn't hear it ring (which happens a LOT). That's ridiculous! If I didn't have reasons to need some of the other features of the iphone, I would return it due to this missing functionality, which makes it a very lame phone IMO.

    Anyway -- does anyone know of an iphone app that will add this missing functionality? I ask because on some other phone forums I noticed people referring to an app called "dontforget2" that does this for windows mobile phones. It would be great if there was something in the works for iphone to do the same.
  • Maynerd Level 1 Level 1
    Just wanted to post to pile on. Because the iPhone does not have any sort of visual light indicator that shows that you missed a call it is absolutely necessary to have some sort of audio notification. I have a non-3g iPhone and I was absolutely dumbfounded that this does not exist on the phone. I have had cell phones from over 10 years ago that have this feature. WHY can't they implement it?

    Crazy if you ask me.

    They need a audio reminder for the following things:

    Missed Call
    Text message

    You should be able to turn each one on or off and set a time for a repeat reminder (every 5 minutes for example. You should also be able to assign a sound or vibrate to each reminder situation.

    Get with the program Apple.
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 Level 6
    1. Read the specs before you buy products in future, do not assume.

    2. If the iPhone is so lame then return it. But wait it is not so lame after all as it appears to have features that you must have. Can you not get these features on other phones? If not then they must also be lame.
  • JE13 Level 4 Level 4
    I would venture to guess that if there is not yet an app for it, there will be soon. If enough people want it, there will be someone to provide it.
  • Maynerd Level 1 Level 1
    Hey guys lets make sure we never discuss improvements for Apple products because it's good enough and if you don't like it get another phone.

    Thanks Ian!
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 Level 6
    Maynerd wrote:
    Hey guys lets make sure we never discuss improvements for Apple products because it's good enough and if you don't like it get another phone.

    Thanks Ian!

    I will ignore the snide post and point out the error of your ways :-

    1. Apple do not ready these forum, so there is no point making suggestions here.

    2. I did not tell you to not make suggestions, I said that maybe people should check that a product does what they want BEFORE they buy it rather than moan afterwards.

    3. I did not say the iPhone was good enough. I simply pointed out that the iPhone did what the user wanted and they needed the phone for that, so it was not 'Lame' as they stated, but in fact useful to them.

    4. If you want to make suggestions use the correct method - www.apple.com/feedback

    5. For someone with 20 posts to their name and therefore very little contribution to users you seem to find it very easy to decry others who have spent many hours helping out here.

    I am no longer subscribing to this thread, so please do not waste your time replying.
  • cnjrving Level 1 Level 1
    I think it's totally acceptable to point out missing features of a product even if you decide to keep the product because it meets other requirements you have. That happens with most products that are reviewed - they can't all be 5 stars and people do keep the products that are less than 5 stars!

    I think it's especially useful to discuss functionality we'd like to see with the iphone because there are many enterprising app developers out there who may provide us with an app. In my previous post I specifically wanted to know if anyone knew of an existing app that did these notifications....I think that's a useful discussion question.

    I'm hoping if enough people join in to say they would want this functionality, someone will write the app.
  • locondcoco Level 3 Level 3
    do we know if the SDK allows for access to things like that?
  • Shahin Level 2 Level 2
    There is a 3rd party program called Kate (used to be Caterpillar), which among many other things allowed you to customize the notification settings. I used Caterpillar way back when with a Jailbroken iPhone, so I don't know if they are offering their products through the legit channels now or not (mind you, it never worked consistently).

    You can find them here. It looks like they are still offering this product, but may be not through the App store. You would have to install it yourself, so proceed at your own risk:


    I too brought up this feature way back when I bought my first iPhone. It is simply absurd. Apple or someone else will hopefully address this ASAP.

    +And as for Mr Anderson, this is not something that would be pointed out on the specs of a device. Even the simplest analog answering machine way back in the 1980's had a persistent beep to notify you if there were messages waiting for you. And EVERY cell phone I have EVER owned has had this feature, so it is perfectly understandable that those of us who find this a great omission, would like to voice our discontent.+

    +As for this NOT being the proper place to ask for feature requests, you are plain wrong. Many a times there are workarounds and 3rd party solutions that we would never hear about if everyone was to simply submit their requests to Apple. Also this is a great way to find out if others share your point of view or not. Even if Apple does not officially read these forums, I can guarantee you that given enough critical mass behind an issue, they will find out about it. I know, because I happen to be a software developer and have experienced this many times first hand.+

    Thank you EVERYONE for sharing and posting even if you are don't have as many posts as others...

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