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I have been having some problems with bluetooth on my MacBook, as the current bluetooth implementations is a bit "dodgy" and inconsistent (i.e. some things work sometime and not others, some things that ought to work, don't, etc.). That is a topic for another thread, when I get round to it, but let me tell you what just happened.

A bit of a long story... but maybe someone from Apple might find it helpful if the right person reads it?

I had another System Preferences hang associated with changing Bluetooth stuff, and when I did a force quit on System Preferences, I got the normal "Report to Apple" dialog box. Well I wrote quite a bit of stuff for them and submitted it, but it would not send (even though my Internet connection was perfectly fine).

Well I re-ran System Preferences and my stuff Bluetooth ""Gathering information about your devices" appeared again, so I did quit System Preferences again (successfully), with that dialog was still left up and stuck, so I did a Force Quit on that too and got another "Report to Apple" dialog box (the first one was still displayed in another space and still had not sent to Apple). Well I copied the stuff that I had tried to send in the previous dialog box to the new one and tried to send that, but again it would not send

At this point, it was obvious that I needed to restart, so I saved my report stuff, including the actual problem details on another tab for both "Report to Apple" dialog boxes as RTF files using TextPad and tried to restart the MacBook, but of course it refused to restart. After trying multiple time to restart or shutdown, which all failed, I resorted in the end to the on/off button.

On restarting my MacBook, everything started up ok, with no problems and I did not get a "Report to Apple" dialog box that I was hoping to see, so that I could try and re-send the stuff I had gathered previiously.

Well, because I really wanted Apple to have the info that I had gathered, as they might find it useful, I set out to try and deliberately re-create the Bluetooth problem I was having earlier. Of course it was "Murphy's Law" in reverse, the Bluetooth is itself worked fine (except for the limitations with it that I already new about) - I was happily using A2DP Bluetooth "Headphones" protocol to stream sound to my headset, including music from iTunes.

Before I actually ran iTunes, but while I was trying to re-create the Bluetooth problem I had brought up the "Force Quit Applications" dialog box "pre-emptively" ... which was probably my mistake

Anyway, I tried to close it, but found it was frozen, which it still is right now as I write this. I quit iTunes, turned the sound back to Internal Speakers and made sure that nothing else was running. Again, as I write this, the only things that are visibly running right now are the Finder and Safari, but the "Force Quit Applications" window that is frozen lists System Preferences and the Finder (and System Preferences is definitely not running at the moment).

All of this may be a hang over from my original crash before my "power off" restart, but I find it quite amazing that I cannot quit the Force Quit. I am going to resist the temptation to go "under the hood" in Terminal and try another restart, but thought I would post this about it, in case anyone else had seen this happen, which I never have previously?

Note: I found lots of threads about Force Quit "not working" for various reasons (which I have never suffered from, it has always forced whatever I have selected to quit), but not one on Force Quit itself getting stuck

MacBook Pro (Intel), Mac OS X (10.5.4), 17 inch 1920x1200 Res 4GB RAM, 16 MB iPhone 3G
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    Well I am back again after a restart. As I suspected, the machine would not let me logoff, restart or shutdown.

    Just for giggles I Used System Preferences, Start Disk and selected my Windoze boot camp and tried to do a restart.. after a long delay, the restart timed out, so I did a power off and cold restart and it booted into Windoze (XP MCE) no problem. I used the boot camp system tray icon to reboot back into OSX and it started up with no problems.

    Well, being a techie, I had to look a bit further, so I ran the Applications/Utilities/Console to take a peek at what had been going on from the logs. Under LOG FILES,/Library/Logs/HangReporter/Bluetooth Setup Assistant there was a hang log that would not display its contents in Console, so I selected show in Finder then used TextWrangler to open it and it has this content:

    Date/Time: 2008-07-24 15:09:02 -0700
    OS Version: 10.5.4 (Build 9E17)
    Architecture: i386
    Report Version: 4

    Command: System Preferences
    Path: /Applications/System Preferences.app/Contents/MacOS/System Preferences
    Version: 5.0 (5.0)
    Build Version: 21
    Project Name: SystemPrefsApp
    Source Version: 1510000
    Parent: launchd [143]

    PID: 11854
    Event: hang
    Time: 7.11s
    Steps: 34

    There is also one for the System Preferences hang, but nothing for the "Force Quit Applications" window.

    Anyway, I have saved all of the logs and will look through them when I have time, but I think I have done enough "playing" for today

    At least everything is working, and I have Time Machine doing backups to a 1 TB drive, plus and alternative boot that I can do from both an external USB Hard Drive and even a USB Memory Stick, as well as important stuff copied to my iDisk, so I am not too worried about anything.