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Curious if anyone knows or had any experience with leaving Iphone or Ipod plugged in say overnight so it's charged in the morning having an effect on battery life in the long term. I used to let my old nextel phone die and only let it charge till its full which helped the battery in the long term go on fairly well. My new 3G will stay plugged in the factory dock with my computer which has a Monster line conditioner/surge protector so no worries there. Thanks for any input
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    You shouldn't have any problems leaving it plugged in over night. It uses a Lithium Ion battery so once it's charged.. it's charged. Just like most portable computers these days, you can leave them plugged in all the time.. Just run your battery down completely dead at least once a month and charge it up.. You should be golden.
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    I left my original iPhone plugged in to a wall charger at my bed side and used it as an alarm clock for almost a year without any ill effects. The new one has done the same for 2 weeks without a problem.

    During the day, if I'm near my computer, it gets plugged in again.

    Lithium-ion batteries do not have the "memory effect" of older batteries.

    Here is everything you need to know: http://www.apple.com/batteries/iphone.html
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    I'll second that -- I kept my 1st Gen plugged in all night every night for over a year, and will do the same with my 3G -- there are no ill effects from keeping it plugged in whenever you are not using it -- it will trickle charge till full, then shut down the charge mechanism once full doing zero damage to your iPhone. I know people who have never taken their iPods off of their speaker docks where they charge 24/7 for years with no ill effects.
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    rgr that, thanks for the insight
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    cool...so i dont need to worry !