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I've been having a really hard time setting an iTunes account. I don't want to use credit cards at all and according to the iTunes customer support, I don't need a credit card:

"A credit card is not required. However, if you do not wish to add a credit card, you must add a debit card or add and confirm a bank account before you can send money with your PayPal account."

I've had my Paypal account for a while now and I have my bank account confirmed and tied with Paypal. My problem occurs when I try to make an iTunes account. I select Paypal from the payment choices and choose to validate it. I'm taken to a login screen for Paypal where I log into my account and accept the billing agreement. Afterward, I'm brought to a screen where I have to input credit card information. I have a bank account confirmed with my Paypal account, so why would I need a credit card? Please, can somebody help me out here?

I sent Apple's customer service an email about a week ago and I'll I got back was a confirmatio of the email I sent.
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    I've e mailed support about this exact problem, (6 times) still no answer. My PayPal account shows iTunes as pre approved, but the bottom line iTunes *****.you know there has to be way more of us out there, the obviously don't care.To bad iTunes has to ruin the iPod. sorry, but it seems ikewasted time. Try Paypal support.
    signed, i Tuneless