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Just find my son always uses some downloading tools (like bitTorrent or emule) at night and slows down the whole network speed. I even can't browse web pages or receive emails. Both of our connections are through Wifi (802.11n). Currently, I only can set time access control to limit my son's PC stop wifi connection after 11:00 pm. Are there any ideas to restrict my son's connection only access web and email but block those connections to BitTorrent or emule? I don't want to access web and email only after 11:00 pm when he is off net.

iMac Intel, Mac OS X (10.5.4), 2.8GHz
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    you could use two Apple routers and set the secondary router manually into bridge mode. Set each router to create its own wireless network. I connect all my routers through ethernet. Then you can restrict your son to connect to only one wireless router and your network speed will become stabile.

    I use TC as my main router and three Extremes set in bridge mode and create their own wireless networks. I separate N only devices from N+B/G.
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    Thanks! Hope Apple can add more parental control functions in later Time capsule management app.
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    Yes!! please apple - having time machine with multiple users and easy way of browsing computers activity history would be so cool.
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    Just when you get control of your children's surfing (leopard parental controls), I bought my family an AppleTV, and my son an iTouch. Two great methods to get around my parental controls. They need to build out the parental control (mac ID based) on the Airport / time capsule products. Protect your family right at the cable / DSL modem.