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if the videos on YouTube are real, i believe the I-Tena works great on the orig iPhone. does it work on the new one too?

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    I don't think those work. There is another Youtube video saying so. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlxhg60KLx0
    Apart from that, these passive patches can change the radiation pattern of your antenna, and if you put it on you may see an increase, all else equal, but you will see a decrease in another direction. Overall, there is no net gain. You do not get something for nothing with these. I expect the iPhone antenna is optimized for best overall performance, and would not bother with the i-Tena.
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    I put one of these on my iPhone 3G and signal increased by 3 bars!

    I used to get 1 dot of signal at work and now im almost full (4 bars).

    I used to switch in and out of Edge -> 3G

    Now I am always 3G!

    Excellent product and I would highly recommend!

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