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I am puzzled frankly why Apple corporate has decided to remain virtually silent (and not at all helpful or apologetic to users) on its website and public statements regarding the mess people experienced in trying to install the new 2.0 update on first gen iPhones, or currently, in trying to get MobileMe to do even part of what was promised. From a company with such loyal customers, this is frankly baffling. I hope that criticism the company received this week in newspaper columns (see links below) by two generally pro-Apple tech critics -- David Pogue in the New York Times and Walt Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal -- really take Apple to task for its blunders.

The New York Time's Pogue really hit the nail on the head -- http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/24/technology/personaltech/24pogue-email.html?em& ex=1217131200&en=9e9469e0fadb7cc5&ei=5087%0A -- by implying that Apple has become just like all of the other tech companies when it comes to being totally indifferent over customers' complaints or requests for help.

The company even refused to try and clear the air by speaking to Pogue on the record!

I really wonder what genius at Apple has decided that silence and no form of apology is the best policy. I would think being compared to the competition is the last thing Apple would like. The corporate mind is truly unfathomable.

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