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I have some recorded shows on my Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD cable box that I want to rip to my Macbook using iVideo. The box is connected to my TV via an HDMI cable. It is an HD box, but they shows are not in HD.

What do I need to do this? An HDMI to DVI cable to hook from my cable box into my Macbook? If so, can you recommend a site and specific part number?

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Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    The MacBook doesn't have a video in, so an HDMI-DVI adapter won't help.

    Most cable boxes (Motorola, anyway) have FireWire outputs. You can record video sent over FireWire using utilities included in the FireWire SDK from the [Apple developer connection|developer.apple.com].

    You can find instructions [here|http://project-tigershark.com/people/rob/blog/2007/01/14/cable-tv-mac-fir ewire-hd-pvr].