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  • Noah Wiles Level 1 Level 1
    As an additional note, my understanding is that this is an issue with the chip and this can only be addressed by a hardware fix. Once Apple and ATT are ready to admit that this is the issue, everyone having an issue better be provided with a phone replacement.
  • Capt Bringdown Level 1 Level 1
    One more for the record. Crummy 3G performance Edge no problem. I have used the phone in the DFW area (my home base), Boston and now from my hotel room in San Jose I dropped 3 calls while on 3G. 3G 0-1 bar, Edge 3 bars.

  • skiphunt Level 1 Level 1
    I held out for 3G and waited for hopefully the first batch of phones to get out... hoping any serious issues would be caught quickly. Finally picked up a 16GB 3G last week.

    In the last 6 days... I've spent at least 20hrs troubleshooting this POS. I spent 3hrs on the phone with first ATT who were of no help whatsoever... said they only help if there's a SIM problem. Put me through to Apple and 2.5hrs later... after being on hold for the first 45mins... the guy finally gets on the line. Has me jump through all the hoops I'd already been through... and then... HE drops my call!!!!?????? I swear to God I nearly took this freakin' POS and smashed it on the floor. This I've been using Apple products since the MacPlus. But this iphone buying experience, troubleshooting nightmare, freeze ups, dropped calls, photos don't all auto resize and crop off instead, email sending and receiving has worked about 25% of the time I've had the blasted thing is driving me nuts. Most of the time it simply doesn't work. Or, I'll type out this email and it'll appear to send.. but no sent sound... nothing in the sent box. Anyway... this iphone experience thus far, including waiting in line at 7AM in the morning two days in a ROW... then a 3hr wait for activation... to have this thing not work... this has to be the single most unpleasant purchase I've ever made.

    I want it to work, but I'm very seriously thinking of just taking this POS back and going back to my old Motorola that ALWAYS worked.

    Oh.. and get this... after being on the phone (a land line) for 3hrs... and after the Apple support phone dropped the call... NO ONE bothered to try and call be back. I simply gave up and wasn't about to spend another 45mins on hold... only to begin all over again with a new person. And this guy had such a heavy Nigerian accent that I could barely understand most of what he said. I know they must have my number since they sent me a follow up note saying to please let them know if I have any more problems...etc. WHAT!!??? Talk about adding insult to injury! They even had a case number 103890326, but still no one bothered to call me back. This may very well be my LAST Apple purchase.

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  • Steve Pham Level 1 Level 1
    I really think Apple has really got some explaining to do quickly about this problem with the 3G iphones. I find that unless I'm right by a 3G tower, I can't get a signal to make a simple call without being dropped.
    BTW: my main coverage areas is San Jose, Santa Clara, Mt View area in northern Cal. This just ***** paying for a 3G service and getting no service at all. I'm on my 4th iphone.
  • nbidgood Level 1 Level 1
    another "me too"

    while my problems haven't been as bad as some unlucky customers, i definitely don't feel like i'm getting what i'm paying for. i live in fort worth, tx - well within att's 3G coverage, but my 3G signal is usually 1-3 bars, while turning off 3G gets me 4-5 bars consistently. the phone drops calls sporadically - not as bad as many others' experiences, but definitely MUCH worse than with the first gen iPhone.

    and my girlfriend constantly complains that my connection sounds like crap since i got the 3G.

    Apple needs to stop ignoring this and take some responsibility for their product.
  • Dave614 Level 1 Level 1
    Also having issues here. Dropped calls happen daily...but more often is that I either can't hear the other party or they can't hear me for 1-2 seconds. The signal seems to constantly cut in and out anytime I'm inside (and sometimes outside too). Clients complain they can't hear me...not good.

    I've had some success turning off 3G, but still have mostly the same issues. Also tried a restore but it didn't help...

    Love the phone but the reception seems to be awful. I have to admit that as much as I love the iPhone, I ultimately need it to be a reliable phone. I miss my Sprint Blackberry right now...

  • ChrisRR Level 3 Level 3
    Hello, and please add me to this happy list! Despite being in a pretty good 3G coverage area, I have given up with 3G and switched it off just to save battery life which is pathetic anyway. I have a 3G Nokia 6680 which is a secondary phone - about to be reinstated as my primary phone - and it reports 3-5 bars 3G most of the time. On the two or three occasions when I've made a call on 3G, they have been dropped. My wife's 3G phone was the first to suffer from this call-dropping, which alerted me to the problem in the first place.

    As usual, cosmetics and Apple's hype have pioneered over functionality. To those in the UK, remember we have a great consumer law here under the Sale Of Goods Act 1979 where "Fitness for purpose" is a condition that must be met by O2 (not Apple in the case of the 3G, as we all purchased the phone through O2 in most cases, and it is they who counts as the retailer, and therefore liable) and if it is not fit for purpose it should be replaced, repaired or refunded by O2.
  • Christopher John Hunter Level 1 Level 1
    Got a question here ... was wondering in the top-left symbol refers to 'phone and/ or data comm's, and if the iPhone behaviour took which was going-on into account - ie: with data, 3G could be important, but with 'phone calls it would be less-so ... ??
  • swisskiltbear Level 1 Level 1

    Looks like it took awhile, but now it starts to hit the fan.


    This will hopefully make someone at Apple realize that this won't blow over and they can't sit it out.

    Iphone 3G? Great gadget, music player and web appliance (on WiFi), worst MOBILE PHONE I've ever had in over ten years.
  • just.alex Level 1 Level 1
    I live in Sydney and have line of sight to a phone tower 350 meters away. Edge - no problem. 3G - missed calls, dropped calls, calls failed!

    The phone goes from 3G to NO SERVICE back to 3G back to NO SERVICE... My phone will wake for a call while in Edge whereas I miss every call when the phone sleeps in 3G.

    My carrier told me it was a problem with the phone. The genius at the Apple store said they had only received complaints from 1 carrier, ie, Optus. Anyone else in Australia having this problem on a network other than Optus?

    What is strange is that it happens more often when I'm near this particular tower, less so when I'm anywhere else in the city.

    Is it a problem with this particular Tower, Carrier or iPhone?
  • taltal Level 1 Level 1
    I'm not sure if I understood you correctly, Christopher (sorry for my English ...).

    the top left symbol (bars) displays the signal strenght and/or signal quality, both for data and calls. 2g and 3g are 2 different networks with different specs. you are right, 3g is more important for data: it's faster, and you can make calls and use the internet at the same time (which you can't on 2g).

    however, the phone does not take into account what you want to do. it just offers you a 3g signal when there is 3g signal (3g is preferred over 2g), and offers you 2g if 3g is not available. but this choice is not connected to what you want to do with the signal.

    hope that helps.
  • iARA Level 1 Level 1
    Hi All,
    Calling from Australia. Same problem here, reception drops all the time, its very annoying and embarrassing !
  • Finn McGail Level 1 Level 1
    Joining thie Thread from Germany.

    Here we have a very good 3G coverage. I had the 1st iphone prior to getting the 3G version.

    Today my world with 3G enabled looks like this:

    1) I get dropped all the time
    2) I am having huge trouble making calls.
    3) I am supposedly calling people in my contacts all the time. At least they call me back and say that I have just called them. The phone (all the while) was lying on my desktop while I was working. At first I thought they were kidding as they called me to return my call. I said I had NOT called them but they claimed I had.
    4) and this is my BIGGEST problem. Sometime my phone wont ring (it is set to ring in the tests) My body stood next to me, called me - and we could hear HIS phone ringing mine but MINE was silent although set to loud. Then 2 minutes later I received an SMS that my body had called me.

    5) Sometimes I the voice mail sounds in the midst of night and think something bad has happened. Only to find out that someone had tried to call me around NOON. 16 hours ago. That is how long the LAG is sometimes b4 the visual voicemail notifies me.

    I have nothing but problems and slowness with this new phone. I have to wait for 5 to 6 seconds after entering contacts b4 I can start using them... Very (NOT GOOD)
  • Nuro Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having HUGE problems with this! I've tried to put up with it but it's frustrating me more and more.

    I never get more than 1 bar of reception on 3g (aside from the occasional full-reception spike for about half a second) and the service is sluggish and unreliable.

    It also seems like if I ever pick the phone up, it breaks the 3G connection. I've tried 50 ways of holding it to prevent this but it doesn't help at all.

    What is going on Apple? I want my phone fixed or replaced or something! I wouldn't care about the bars appearance if I actually got good service but I don't and as many people have said on many internet sites, other phones get great reception in the same area, with the same sim and the same provider.

    Something needs to be done about this. If Apple doesn't do something soon I really feel this is grounds for a class-action lawsuit or similar.

    Please Apple, come on! I love the iPhone (WHEN I CAN USE IT!).
  • Nuro Level 1 Level 1
    I'm with Vodafone, in QLD (Aus).

    Same problems. It's NOT the carrier, don't let them tell you otherwise.
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