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    +Jessica Forrest, Vodafone Australia's spokeswoman, said the iPhone 3G issues were device-specific and nothing to do with the carriers' networks.+

    +"We are aware of the issues on the iPhone 3G and we're working with Apple to provide a solution," she said, declining to elaborate.+

    Sounds good! hope they'll come back with a solution that works for everyone around the globe!
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    I've had my 3G iPhone for a little over a week now and have been experiencing the exact same issues as everyone describes here. We're with Softbank in Okinawa Japan. On our other 3G Softbank handset we get great coverage with all bars lit up. On the iPhone we're lucky to see one bar anywhere. Turning off 3G is not an option here because there is no 2G. I'm a huge Apple fan and have spent countless dolllars on their products as well as evangelized the stuff to all my friends. This is VERY disappointing.
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    O2 UK customer and having similar problems, in the same location the signal varies between No service and 5 bars! When I switch 3G off it sits around 3 bars and appears to be more stable. I had a SE K800i on O2 previously and managed to get 2-3 bars on 3G in the same location so it appears to be a hardware issue (or hopefully a firmware problem) rather than a network issue.
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    Same issue. Dropped connections. No reception. Fluctuating 3G (none) / 2G (full). Missed calls.

    Virgin (Optus) / Australia / Melbourne (3002).
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    OS user here from the UK experiencing same problems. Basically I seem to start with a good signal but as soon as I start using the newtork for calls or data, my connection drops and generally reverts to Edge (from 3G).

    Initially I assumed it was a network problem, then I assumed O2 didn't like me using the network heavily (what better way to reduce network use than to slow connections down - conspiracy theory yes I know) but maybe it is a chip issue.

    Most frustratingly I get no signal in my house at all...even when standing by the windows.

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    My Wife and I both got 3G phones, but no 3G (yet) in our area. At our house, the signal strength goes up and down, but hers is always at top strength to 3 bars, while mine goes from top strength of 2 bars to no service. I'm told ATT service will go in and out like this, but doesn't affect calls. I beg to differ. When a call fails after talking for 5 minutes in a stationary place, the call will drop and my phone will then say no service. (In an are there map shoes to be good coverage) But our 2 phones should still be equal. Which phones does everyone have that is going out? Does it vary? I have the 16G Black, she has the 16G white. I thought when 3G goes in, it would be better. Now reading all of the problems, I think it will be.....
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    I wonder how much longer Apple will manage to sit this out in silence before they finally have to make a statement in order to prevent even more damage to the reputation of the iPhone 3G and Apple.

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    I have an iPhone 3G (purchased July 11 in Chestnut Hill, MA - Build # xxx27xxxxxx)

    - Poor 3G Reception (1 bar or 'No Service') at my apartment in Boston, MA metro area (AT&T Coverage map shows that I should have excellent coverage)

    - Frequent dropped/missed calls, slow/non-existent data transfer (web pages, mail, apps etc.) when I have poor 3G reception

    - 1 block away, I have excellent (5 bars) of 3G reception and no dropped calls/missed calls, and fast data etc.

    - Dropped calls when iPhone switches from 3G to EDGE when driving around Boston metro area

    - Good/Excellent EDGE coverage in apartment, no dropped/missed calls etc. when 3G is turned off.


    - Called AT&T tech support, transferred to Apple iPhone Tech Support

    - Standard troubleshooting procedures (Restored to factory settings etc.)
    Did not fix
    - Verified excellent 3G coverage for my apartment's address with AT&T

    - AT&T tech support did not immediately think that it was a problem with the iPhone - actually thinks that maybe something is wrong with the 3G service in my area, but can't confirm (Doesn't make sense, b/c 1 block away I have excellent coverage... interference issues with WiFi networks at my apartment?????? - my thoughts, not AT&T or Apple's)

    - Will bring my iPhone to AT&T store today to have SIM card replaced.

    - Apple iPhone tech support said that if SIM card replacement did not work, that Apple will replace the iPhone - could be an antenna issue of some sort.

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    Oh, I forgot... this is precious. When I asked the tech why I can't get a 3G signal at my house... but that I can get a strong 3G signal a block away... he said that it was likely due to using the wrong kind of paint on my house.
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    ha... maybe if you had lead paint
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    Here's the link to Sherwin-Williams tech support:
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    Portland has the same problem for me. Actually it was working great till I 'upgraded' to the new firmware 2.0.1. Now I can't even turn on the 3g.
    My phone was created in week 28.
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    Is anyone able to view this thread on the iPhone 3G? My Safari crashes every time I have attempted to access it.

    I suspect it is too big to load, so Safari surrenders.