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    taltal -

    first - I did reply earlier, from the iPhone 3G, and it did tell me it had been sent, but ... it seems it hasn't arrived, yet anyway, so this is from our iMac ...

    anyway, yes, I think I understand the bars, but what I wondered was if the 'phone somehow modified its switching strategies (between 3G & Edge & 2G) according to what it was doing - 'phoning and/or surfing and/or down-loading ...

    BTW, while my iPhone 3G was much snappier, after I updated to 2.0.1 ... now, a day or two later, while it's still better on things to do with 3G, I find that when it's just been woken-up & when it's running things like Contacts & Calendar & etc, it is often (not always) rather slow & hesitating, sometimes pausing for seconds ... perhaps in the same way as Fusionman, Seattle has observed !

    BTW (2), not only have a few responses to Apple Discussions not, it seems, got-through, despite apparently being sent, I'm sure a few entries I've made (on the iPhone) into Calendar have gone missing - it might be me, but I do wonder !!

    BTW (3), we lived in Munich in the '80s - it was a very nice place to live !

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    The silence happens in MID-sentence while the person is talking. They don't notice anything but just keep talking as if I can hear them. It's VERY frustrating and dumb for such an expensive phone to not have good call quality! It's totally the phone, not the service!
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    Set up Google News Alerts for "iPhone Reception" and you will get the latest articles sent to your inbox: leID=210003576

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    I bought 3 of these phones and all three show signs of "no service" when there should be service and then suddenly 5 bars of signal show up. I have had the original iphone since its debut and have never had this issue before. I had the sim replaced and apple replaced one of the phones and it still persists on that phone. The other two I am waiting to deal with until there is a fix. Yesterday I reactivated my old iphone and not one service issue with that yet. This has to be an issue with the phone itself. I am patiently waiting for apple to publically aknowledge there is a problem and then fix it. When I was at the genius bar I saw two others complaining of the same thing as mine, each was told there was no problem with the phone after running diagnostics on them. I cant beleive apple wont man up to this and deal with the problem.
  • taltal Level 1 (20 points)
    I have been thinking about this 850 Mhz "magic solution" that providers should just switch their signals to that lower frequency, and that would do the trick, everyone having full bars, everyone happy.

    I don't believe this will be the solution.

    first: there are other phones working on 1900 mhz - so it should be possible to use this frequency.

    second: as far as i understand the situation in Germany, this isnt possible as no provider has a license to run a 3G network on 850 mhz. I'm pretty sure that's the case.
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    I follow this thread with huge interest. In fact I followed it (actually the original thread) before I even bought iPhone 3G despite everything said here. I thought whatta heck if it doesn't work I'll return it and will stay with my old at&t Blackjack 3G. So I was preped for the worst.

    What's very strange is that in 3 weeks I have iPhone my 3G coverage and reception are rock solid. I have yet to have a single dropped call. I had few "no service" instances but they were exactly in the same places as Blackjack had - elevators, subway stations, backs of big shops, etc. Same as with Blackjack I have 5 bars of 3G both in my 15th floor apartment in Jersey City on 25th floor of my Park Avenue office and steady 3G or Edge signal almost everywhere I go in between. Everything related to reception and coverage including relatively smooth transitions between 3G and Edge is comparable to Blackjack 3G (my wife now uses it). But iPhone has much better voice quality not speaking of Internet experience and overall interface.

    And I roll in exactly same places (Manhattan, Jersey City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Northern Jersey, Sandy Hook on Jersey shore) that many on this thread complained about. Go figure! I know quite a few people spread geographically over US with iPhone 3G's all of whom have no problems. I root for you guys but there must be variation in iPhone batches, SIM cards and who knows what else. How else my experience can be explained?
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    This thread is being locked, as it is becoming too long and some browsers are timing out before the thread loads. It is being continued in [iPhone 3G Reception Problems? You're Not Alone - Continued|].

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