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I have Exchange set up and syncing fine on a 3G iPhone- I sync over a VPN. Contacts, calendar and email all came across, but I want to sync manually.

I can find the setting to sync manually, but how do I kick off a manual sync? Email has a refresh button, but how do I force contacts and calendar to sync?

Is there a "sync now" button?



Windows XP Pro
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    so does your VPN conenction start up on it's own periodially?

    or do you just leave it running?
  • tokatta Level 3 Level 3 (865 points)
    I start the VPN connection manually... I just got the iPhone today and trying to replace WM6 on VZW. Under that WM6, launching ActiveSync automatically sets up the VPN, but not on the iPhone.

    I can live with things if I know how they work. I fing it strange that Apple gives me the option to do manual syncs for Contacts, Calendar, and Mail, but then neglects to give me a button to sync Calendar and Contacts. Also, there seems to be no way to decide which Email folders sync and which don't. ActiveSync under windows mobile lets you pick this.

    I think in the rush to get things out the door, we got a crippled version of ActiveSync.
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    yeah i am almost with you there.

    this is my first iphone and have been using WM and Palm devices for years.

    some of the limitations so far on the iphone just make me wonder.

    re: vpn
    ok, i am doing the same thing, so I was wondering if it was starting automatically for you. I was looking for that kind of setting that woudl kick off the whole sync process, but nothing yet......
  • tokatta Level 3 Level 3 (865 points)
    Additionally, going into my Exchange email, or changing folders seems to force a sync/refresh that fails if the VPN is not up... apparently "Manual" doesn't really mean that.

    I also have a personal POP3 account set to fetch every hour, but you would think the 2 could co-exist. I will probably keep the iPhone, but i can't understand why Apple could not figure out the difference between Push, Fetch, and Manual.

    Does anyone know if Apple usually fixes this stuff, or will it be iPhone 3.0 software that requires me to buy a new phone?
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    Need the same feature!:) Why is the no "sync now" button??
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    Just out of curiosity, where are the settings to sync the calendar/contacts manually?
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    Aha! I was wondering the same thing but I believe I just figured it out and tested it.

    The cal and contacts will only sync when you load up the applications. I noticed that when I loaded up calendar I saw the spinning wheel icon up top, so if you want to refresh your Exchange stuff you just have to re-load that application. A sync now button would be a heckuva lot better, but I think this is how it works for now. Hope that helps!

    @ last poster -- the manual sync options are found under Settings --> Fetch New Data --> Advanced