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Okay, I have set up all of the requirements to get my IPod Nano 1st Generation working. I had it working for quite sometime. But recently it has decided to play up when I plug it into my computer. I have re-installed ITunes and the IPod software from the disk, but it comes up with this message:

+USB Device Not Recognized.+
+One Of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message.+

Clicking the message, it comes up with a box to troubleshoot and everything. I've done everything it says in there.

When I plug in my IPod to the computer, it will charge, but that message will still stay able. I open up ITunes, and it does not recognize there is an IPod in the port, same as when I open up My Comp.

It is fully charged, and I have tried connecting it to different ports in the computer, and still no response. I have also tried re-setting my IPod, and no response. However, I can still listen to the music currently on the IPod, but I wish to add more, and take off a couple of songs.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


IPod Nano 1st Generation, Windows Vista
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    Hi have you had any luck with this? I am having the same problem and its driving me mad. Would be grateful if anyone could help?
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    I have fixed the problem I had with this, by holding down the menu button and the middle button, my computer recognised it. Hopefully work for you too.
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    i, too, was experiencing the same problem. however, after a week past and i was about to purchase a new ipod, i thought i'd give it another shot...and for some odd reason it worked! now, i only get the message sporadically, but would love to be rid of the problem permanently. any suggestions?
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    OK all people with this same problem. I went out a bought a new 4gb ipod and removed itunes from my computer after saving it onto disks. I was going for the angle to just start over. I plugged the brand new ipod into the usb and the same message popped up. After four hours on hold with Apple support I finally spoke to a female who worked through all of the uninstalling the drivers, and resetting the ipod. this was met with negative results. she left me a case number and told me to try and plug into a different computer. I did this and no issues. I then called back to Apple and then spoke to an ignorant male who told me that I had a computer problem. Even though my computer receives information and has no issues with any other product plugged into my usb. He then stated that this was not an Apple problem because the ipod itself was working and there is no way it is a software problem. So now I will try the windows angle and contact their support. This support guy was rude, arrogant, ignorant and lack all people skills required to be a respected professional.
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    have you had any luck? i spoke to apple support today as to having your exact problem. they say its a computer problem. my computer company says computer is working fine. It has to be a software problem.