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While I was syncing my iPod Touch the computer froze and I had to stop the iTunes using the Task Manager. After that the iPod also froze. No matter what I did it wouldn't stop saying that it was syncing and I couldn't use the slide to cancel so I reset it using the Home and Sleep/Wake Button. After that for about an hour it displayed the Apple logo then the screen turned off. I then tried to turn it on again and it did the same thing. Can anyone help me?

Dell XPS 420, Windows Vista, iPod Touch with 2.0 Upgrade
Solved by Michael Standing on Jul 27, 2008 1:19 PM Solved

I had the same problem. Sounds like you may need to put your Touch into `recovery` mode. Turn your Touch off then while holding JUST the Home button on the Touch, plug it into your computer. Keep holding the Home button (on the iPod) until something appears on your iPods screen. After this, iTunes should recognise your iPod and offer to do a full restore for you.


Hope this helps.

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