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I bought an unlocked iphone recently that has worked fine with my pay as you go Sim card. When I updated to version 2.0 it has has restored my setting and is now saying my sim is imncompatible and need to insert a compatible SIM. How can I get my current to SIM to work again?? HELP!

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • necronym Level 4 Level 4
    Was your unlocked iPhone unlocked by Apple (or their appointed reseller / network provider) at the point of sale, or did somebody else (unofficial) unlock the iPhone for you?

    If it was unlocked by Apple (or their appointed reseller) you should contact them for assistance.

    If the iPhone was unlocked by an unofficial source (i.e not by Apple or an Apple authorised reseller / network provider, these unlocked iPhones are referred to as Jailbreak iPhones) then nobody here can assist you.
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    I recently experienced the same thing except my iPhone 3G was locked to the Vodafone (Australia) network. I went to restore the phone as I was experiencing some strange operation in mail, under recommendation from the Apple store.

    Upon completing a restore through iTunes, it gives me the 'unsupported sim' message. I took the phone back to Apple and rightly so, they said try going back to Vodafone as it must be an issue with the sim. I was given a new sim, but still no luck.

    Took the new sim and iPhone back to the Apple store, they replaced it with a new unit, put the sim into the phone and it worked fine. I was hesitant to leave the store without knowing that I could restore the phone at any stage. Completed a restore in the store with the guys from the Genius bar and to everyone's horror, the 'sim unsupported' message appears.

    So I'm left with a useless device that resembles an iPhone while Vodafone look at ways of cancelling my contract.

    Appreciate any ideas from either Apple or other users as to ways I can get the phone up and running. I must stress that at no stage have I tried to unlock or hack this phone. It is new out of the box issued by Apple, locked to Vodafone with a valid 3G sim.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    hi...can anyone tell me how to find out if the phone was unlocked by any apple store/ reseller. i got it from a friend and used it for 8 months. but now after downloading itunes 7.7 it restored to factory settings and not accepting the sim. neither i am unable to contact my friend to find out where he got it unlocked. Neither the technical support from vodafone, optus are able to help me with it.
    waiting for an positive response.