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How do insert Page Numbers in header/footer without including a number on Page 1?

I've read the previous posts about this subject. I've inserted a Section Break at the end of Page 1, and checked off "Page 1 is different" in the layout section of the Inspector. This strategy failed. I've resorted to manually inserting page numbers on the top of each page.

Is there an easy way to insert page numbers in the header/footer without including Page 1? I don't want to jump through six hoops to execute this simple task.

COMPLAINT: For as long as I can remember, MS Word has had a little check box that lets you disable page numbering on Page 1. This feature is essential to business correspondence. If I can't do this easily, I'll dump this software and never recommend it again. Apple, get it together!

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    It's not fair to worry against a product which we don't use correctly !

    What is described in the Help and was described in existing threads work perfectly if we apply it perfectly.

    Create a document.
    Insert a section break between page 1 and page 2
    Go to Inspector > Layout > Section

    Select the button "Start at" and enter the value 2

    Check the box "First page is different"
    Uncheck "Use Previous headers & footers"

    Back to the document's page 2
    Click in the Header or in the Footer.

    Menu > Insert > Page Number

    We get the number 2 in page 2, no number in Page 1.

    My guess is that you set "First Page is different" after having already insert a page number.

    If you really did that, the soluce is trivial.

    Go to page 1
    Click in the Header or in the Footer
    select the page num
    delete it.
    That's all folks.

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE mardi 29 juillet 2008 17:49:11)