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About a week after downloading the 2.0 update, my iPod has been having some huge problems. First of all, it does freeze up more than I'd like, but that's not even the big problem. Whenever I have to restart my iPod, or actually turn it off (not just put it into sleep mode), it won't turn back on. It just displays the apple logo forever and ever. The only way to turn it back on is to put it in restore mode and restore it, which I've done many times. It's a pain to have to sit there for over an hour whenever I want to turn my iPod on...there must be a problem here. Anyone have any ideas?
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    This is exactly what is happening to me. I have had to restore my iPod Touch 4 times now and its getting very annoying. My iPod freezes and only shows the apple sign and get extremely hot. Is there any way to to fix this before i have to restore once again?
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    I had the exact same problem 2 weeks ago, and found no help on these forums. I have now noticed that many other people are having the same problems.

    The bad news is that it HAS to be restored (I spoke to an extremely unhelpful Apple 'genius', who I think I knew more than him), and he at least agreed with me. It has to be restored. Which, yes, means that you will lose EVERYTHING, and I mean everything of your iPod - unless you have a backup. If you're lucky, you will have one, and this will have saved most of the stuff not stored in iTunes. The bad news is that even though you may have a backup, it won't restore properly, and you'll still be left with the same problem. Even doing a clean install doesn't solve the problem.

    The good news is that at some point, it will restore successfully - at least, it did for me. It even brought up the notes I had lost on the previous backups, which surprised me. I think this happened after the 3rd restore, and I'd tried different things like restarting the computer, reinstalling iTunes, etc. If it is the same, just keep restoring, and at some point, you'll get there.
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    I've restored it at least five times now, and it hasn't been fixed. I called Apple's support line a little after I posted this and they told me it was a hardware problem, which I highly doubt. They wanted me to send it in and pay $30 for shipping and handling (not a chance). I'm bringing it in to the Apple store either tomorrow or on Saturday to see if they can fix the problem. I'm sure they won't be able to fix it, so most likely I'm getting a replacement tomorrow. I'll update after I go and mention what they said to me...maybe it'll help you two and others with the same problem as me.
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    i've been having the same problem and it is ridiculous. Like 5 times now since i updated to 2.0 for no reason my ipod will just totally crash. and will the display the apple logo like all day, getting hot. I keep trying to reset it by holding the home and wake buttons, but that doesnt do anything. and then after like a day of beingn broken it will just start up again. Connecting it to itunes just crashes itunes and freezes my whole computer
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    Ok, first try to see if you can still ssh into your iPod.

    Fix everything how it was before and see if that helps, which it probably will...

    If you can't ssh then restore by...

    1. Holding both buttons at the same time for a while to turn off the iPod.

    2. Then unplug your iPod fr your computer, then hold the home button on the iPod and plug it back in.

    3. Keep holding the home button while it turns on.

    iTunes will ask to restore.
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    anyone check if the above method works??

    My iPod freezes and only shows the apple sign
    so i shut off my ipod with the two buttons and plug it to my com again
    itune do not detect any device and my ipod remain freezes with apple sign

    any way to restore since itune cannot detect any device?
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    I have been having the same problem for over two weeks
    this method though worked for me
    thank you so much
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    After doubling my memory, two intense days of renewing the latest down loads, trouble shooting on many different sites which can not get me past an apple on the screen, the answer is to just take it back to the store. We should all find
    out what problems people are haveing with a product before we buy.
    With all Sincerity, marquesa.