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calbarroman Level 1 (0 points)
How come my iPhone has slow texting, sometimes unresponsive touch screen interface, slow OS and occasional freezes. Sometimes when I start an application it freezes and a little static happens and then the Apple logo pops up and it's all normal after like 30 seconds. I am trying to reset it and crap and can someone give me an explanation. Also, when does the next firmware update come out, it's been at 2.0 for a while and I want them to fix some of these issues that I presume everyone has been experiencing thus far.

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  • roaminggnome Level 10 (95,027 points)
    Try a reset and/or restore.

    This is a users forum, made up of iphone users - like yourself - so we can't tell you when the next firmware will be available. Apple typically does not announce updates. You will see it on itunes when it is available, and it will be all over this forum as well.

    Contrary to your presumption, I have not experienced these problems, nor has anyone I know. Based on these forums, it seems that some have and I'm sure that a resolution is coming. When? Only Apple knows.

    Hope you get your problems resolved.
  • w7ox Level 4 (2,385 points)
    Like the other poster I've experienced no problems with OS 2.0. So you should expect it to work properly without any OS updates.

    If the tips offered here (restore, etc.) don't fix it for you, seems like a trip to an Apple store is in order.

  • Cory Jackson Level 1 (5 points)
    My phone is also laggy and unresponsive since putting 2.0 on it. I've tried the back up and restore several times with no luck. I'm just hoping apple releases an update soon.
  • Andy Abernathy Level 1 (15 points)
    Are you using MobileMe? Major news publications have confirmed that there are horrible sluggishness issues with iPhone 2.0 when using Push with Contacts, for example. I love my iPhone but I wanted to throw it out the window today when I had to wait 6 full seconds every time I accessed the Contacts - horribly unresponsive compared to iPhone 1.0. And when there is a delay you keep touching, thinking you didn't touch the screen correctly, and then it finally responds to all the touches and jumps somewhere you didn't intend. So, at the point it really doesn't work anymore! I hope Apple can solve these issues soon!
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    Not much you can do until Apple releases a firmware update to fix these glaring bugs. So forget the workarounds suggested. Nothing works. Just wait it out.
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    I too am experiencing these problems with safari tending to crash about 10 times a day. More frustrating and something that needs to be cured as a matter of urgency is the text lag that happens at least 2-3 times day, this is a serious issue with the iPhone 3g that renders the basic functions of the phone inoperable. There is nothing worse than typing a paragraph into a forum such as this and have to watch characters appear 2-3 seconds after they were typed, then to hit backspace once only to have to sit and watch while your phone freezes you out and proceeds to delete every word you've typed and subsequently crash out of safari again. The touch steen keyboard is paramount to iPhones sucess as you have no alternative but to use it. Apple needs to get the finger out and fix whatever ram issue is causing this lag, and quickly. I have seen reports of this issue on other forums aswell
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    This is what I've tried:

    - I turned off all push/fetch features so I have to manually check my email.
    - I turned off location services.
    - I've restored my phone several times and tried using it with no apps installed.
    - I even went OTT and turned off "auto brightness" and tried dimming my screen.

    I don't use my phone heavily and it still lags whenever I try to do anything.
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    Thanks. The new firmware update helped a little bit.
  • myiphone10 Level 1 (45 points)
    Mine's doing the same thing. It's annoying. Do ya think Apple did it on purpose for the 2.0 update so the 1st gen. iPhone would seem slower? Ha, because that update was released at the exact same time as the iPhone 3G??