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I just got my iphone 3G last week, i have been taking pics with my iphone, but the problem i have is that I couldnt find the pics i took either in itune or my pictures, can anyone help??

thanks in advance

Windows Vista
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    It seems that iTunes is only usefull for syncing photos FROM your pc to the iPhone and will not download the photos taken on the iPhone to your PC.

    I found that I could use the microsoft camera and photo wizard to download the photos from the iPhone to the PC. It treats the iPhone as a digital camera.

    I have noticed some 'bad behavior'. The iphone reuses numerical photo names so you will end up with multiple photos with the same "name". It would be better if the iPhone would continually increment the name and allow a prefix, like iP-xxxxx.jpg to avoid duplicates.

    Once you use the camera wizard to download the photos to the pc, you can arrange them into folders and sync them back to the iPhone with iTunes. Folders will become "Albums" on the iPhone.

    I found that orientation information seems to get lost in the process, and portrait photos tken on the iPhone get screwed up.
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    Assuming that you've connected your iPhone to your PC and are using the default settings, you should be able to view your pics by doing the following:

    1.Double-click the 'Computer' icon on your desktop.
    2.You should see a list of drives on the left hand pane of your folder
    3.Click the 'Apple iPhone' icon in the list of drives.
    4.Click the 'Internal Storage' icon
    5.Click the 'DCIM' icon
    6.Click the '100APPLE' icon. Your pics should be here.

    Alternatively, Computer\Apple iPhone\Internal Storage\DCIM\100APPLE

    As a side-note, I think that it's daft not to be able to sync pics from your iPhone to your PC. Currently i'm having to manually copy them over to my PC.

    I sincerely hope that this is fixed in the next firmware update.
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    Thanks for the info in this post. I can get the pictures taken on my iPhone off without issue now, however I have a problem whereby I dragged a folder of pictures from my computer into the DCIM folder on my iPhone and whilst I can view these on my iPhone they no longer appear on the phone in Windows explorer and they cannot be downloaded in iTunes. Are these now lost in the memory of the phone? I just don't understand why the ability to put photos on your phone is these but the ability to remove them is not!

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    Thanx everyone for the useful tips!!