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Both my iPod Shuffle (current gen) and iPod (30GB 5th Gen Video) will not connect to my new Belkin 7-Port powered laptop USB hub. I just purchased an iMac Aluminum with 3 ports (one taken by the keyboard). That leaves me the other two ports and with two ipods, I have no room for expansion. In iPod Help, it says that I can not connect iPods to USB Hubs. Why is this? Also, do different hubs have different power output? I chose the very small laptop hub for that main reason; it's small. Thanks for future help!

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    Should work.
    Sometimes, hubs can be kinda flaky so if it doesn't work, you may need to connect directly to the computer.

    Does the keyboard and mouse work thru the hub?
    Is there any lights on the hub?
    Does the power supply work?