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I have the 80GB Ipod Classic, and for some reason it keeps skipping songs, for instance, whenever I go to look under a certain artist or a playlist of even just under "songs" I'll pick one and then it will skip one or two or ten, and there are some songs it just doesn't allow me to listen to anymore. Only on my ipod though, not on itunes. It also keeps freezing and will sometimes just stop in the middle of a song and skip to a new one. I've tried resetting it, and leaving it alone for a few days and letting it charge and leaving it off. Nothing seems to work.

What can I do?

Ipod Classic 80GB
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    I had this problem with my old 20GB classic ipod, it all started when I began using my ipod for my running trainings, every day it used to get worse freezing every 10 minutos or so, then I got ****** and bought a new 80GB classic Ipod, I have it for about 3 weeks now and guess what? It started freezing or skiping songs also. I did a test where I synced the same library on my both ipod and the songs being skipped on my new one wasnt being skipped on the old one, so its a problem with the song, then I though it could be any damage in the ipod HD but my new ipod has no reason to be damaged, the only impact that it might have recived is from my running trainings, but the impacts are really weak. Other test I did was trying to remove the song being skiped from the ipod, everytime I did that my ipod couldnt be ejcted, it kept showing me the following message "The ipod canot be ejcted because it contains files that are used by another aplication." I had to unplug my ipod without ejecting it.
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    I'm having the same problem with my 80G classic. Usually the screen will freeze, but the music keeps playing for about 30 seconds or so. It seems to do this randomly and sometimes I'll want to turn it off, but it'll freeze and refuse to turn off. It'll pause, but it'll stay on until the battery dies unless I reboot it.
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    Hi there,

    Did you manage to solve the problem? If yes, how?

    I have the exact same problem .... and not sure how to fix it.
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    I'm in the same boat. I select a song and the system starts scanning all the songs in the playlist and stops on some random one. Sometimes, I pick a song and it just refuses to play it and goes to the next song. Since I use my iPod as a band practice tool and a BGM source for shows, it's getting pretty **** annoying.

    Since this thread is 3 months old, I'm assuming that Support doesn't really get to the iPod Classic customers too often. Wow, that's great Apple Customer Care.
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    Seems I have exactly the same problem - only three months later.
    Before I bring my iPod 80 GB back to the store: did you find any sollutions?
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    I am having the exact same problem. The issue started after I downloaded Itunes 8.0. For some reason my ipod couldn't be ejected, so I had to manually eject it. After this, the ipod wouldn't play at all and I had to restore it. When I resynced my library only about 70% of my songs were playing completely. The rest were skipping at some part in the song. I have tried to restore the ipod several times and get the same problem, yet on different songs. It seems to be random. I have to re-sync skipping songs individually in order to get them to play correctly on my ipod 80 GB Classic. It is very annoying.
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    OK this is how I solved this issue with my Ipod
    I restored my Ipod.
    Then in Itunes I deleted my library. (Not the songs on my hard drives)
    Then I redid Itunes music Library.
    Synced my Ipod and all is well.
    I realize this takes a lot of time.
    I never consolidated all my songs to Itunes so I could retain all the original information and the way I compiled my Music Collection.
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    I'm not sure what causes my iPod to do the same thing, but there is a remedy that doesn't require restoring it. For some reason or rather, by connecting your ipod and playing the tracks within the playlists in iTunes seems to restore the ability to listen to them when the iPod is unplugged from your computer. Some have recommended viewing all the tracks under the Music section and running a macro program to play each track at least for 2-3 seconds each. That has worked for me in the past, but I encounter this problem again from time to time. I think it has something to do with the various upgrades on iTunes and sync'ing that keeps screwing up the playlist tracks. I hate upgrading because it has forced me to restore several times, but that pop-up is so annoying I have to upgrade to get it out of my face.
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    My iPod not only skips songs, it refuses to even acknowledge I have most of my content on iTunes. After I restored the stupid thing as it told me I should, only about one tenth of my content goes back on my iPod and then a message comes up saying it cant find my iPod anymore.

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